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Apometry is a technique or a set of techniques whose application allows, above all and in general lines, to streamline mediumistic meetings with varied objectives. The central point of apometric practice is the facility to promote induced or magnetic unfolding, also called consciousness projection. It is the same psychic phenomenon called somnambulism by Allan Kardec (1804–1869), the codifier of spiritism, who has remained, for more than a century and a half, as the greatest authority on matters of mediumship.

In this text, we intend to explain why apometry is a tool that, if handled with due knowledge, makes an important contribution to the mediumistic exercise of serious groups. We will leave aside, therefore, the application of the technique in other contexts, such as in a therapeutic office. Among other benefits, the adoption of apometry provides:

1) expansion and sharpening of sensitivity and psychic faculties, by enshrining magnetic unfolding as a method and regular working condition;

2) easiness in moving objects and barriers in the extraphysical plane, as well as the sensitives themselves projected onto it;

3) cataloging, diagnosis, and treatment of a set of more or less unknown spiritual pathologies, which apometric researches uncovered;

4) stimulus to the use of magnetism through additional techniques to those of pass, already widespread, providing the revitalization of the team and the adjustment of the vibratory attunement with relative agility, to favor mediumistic communications, among other measures;

5) closer relationships and ties with spiritual benefactors, since mediums are taken to superior astral hospitals and start to work together with them, strengthening the sense of partnership between the two sides of life;

6) examination of the consultant in three broad spheres, namely: a spiritual level, concerning issues of an obsessive nature; energetic or fluid scope, which covers the physiology of extraphysical bodies; and soul aspect, associated with the conflicts inherent to the soul of the immortal spirit now reincarnated and submitted to the apometric protocol.

Apometry is a technique or a set of techniques whose application allows, above all and in general lines, to streamline mediumistic meetings with varied objectives. 

To better understand the concept of apometry, it is necessary to distinguish two meanings of the term. On the one hand, apometrics refers to the apometric technique, that is, the application of the general principles of this set of knowledge for the most diverse purposes in dealing with the extraphysical world and the human psyche. In this sense, the basic methodology of apometry consists of issuing magnetic pulses, using sound and rhythm, which are accompanied by a vigorous and resolute verbal command by an operator, who is the one who administers the technique throughout a session.

On the other hand, the word designates the apometric treatment — the treatments that make use of this technique and this method. That is, it refers to the act of being examined according to the spiritual treatment protocol formulated by the author of the research that led to the formulation of the neologism apometria, the physician from Rio Grande do Sul, José Lacerda de Azevedo (1919–1997).

Among other advantages, the apometric treatment allows a type of personalized scrutiny with unique scope and depth. This is not what is seen in other practices, even though they are quite valuable, and widely disseminated in the Spiritist milieu. It should be noted: this finding does not denote contempt for such practices, much less their condemnation. On the contrary, it is worth emphasizing the important role they play, especially considering the large flow of people who flock to spiritist centers every week in search of help and, on the other hand, the limitation of resources available to give everyone individualized attention, due to the scarcity of time for both mediums and prepared leaders.

By the way, it is hardly possible to fully supply the demand that knocks on the door of a serious institution, not least because, if the offer of services is comprehensive and of quality, the demand will certainly grow, probably at a much faster pace than is possible. implement in terms of increasing supply. Despite this, the benefits of apometry stand out among the available techniques, as shown below.


The conventional disobsession meeting is restricted to serving spirits through spontaneous communication. There are those in which the Kardecian method par excellence is used, evocation¹ — so much so that the allusion to it already appears in the subtitle of the main book on spiritist practice — however, even in these meetings it is not possible to do more than address the companies spiritual aspects of the individual, seeking to resolve issues of a strictly obsessive nature, which can be achieved with relative success.

Thus, when analyzing disobsession or evocation meetings, it is necessary to be precise about their objective, which is to treat disembodied spirits. It is expected that the approach of spiritual companies linked to the consultants will benefit them, the more so if, with success, the pockets of extraphysical reality and the astral constructions that the disincarnated ones that are attended are equally attacked. However, that is all that can be done at a meeting of this kind, that is, to deal strictly with matters of a spiritual or obsessive nature. 


When contrasting the expedients that apometry offers with those of other types of spiritist therapy, it is convenient to mention the meetings commonly called spiritual treatment, in which magnetic passes and other forms of application of animal magnetism or bioenergy are practiced. Despite the remarkable results that can be achieved, it must be recognized that this set of resources focuses exclusively on the energy aspect of the consultant. This is verified both when applying it allows attenuating and curing different pathologies — such as congestion or devitalization of chakras, as well as fluidic contamination and by energetic parasites —, or when it produces the weakening and dissolution of pernicious semi-material ties with any spirits. Incidentally, links of this nature result, without exception, from every obsessive condition, even when the obsession itself has already been cured, and thus requires treatment.

Again, it is a case of clearly delimiting: magnetic therapy deals exclusively with energy issues – even though it is capable of doing so with great effectiveness. It is evident that it brings undeniable improvement in other areas of the life of those who undergo it, however, as we tried to explain, indirectly.


In the dynamics of apometric treatment, it is possible to proceed to the meticulous examination of not just one, but three general aspects of the life of the incarnated individual. They are: the spiritual realm, the energetic, and the soul, as a rule in that order.

Once the tune with the vibrational field of a given consultant has been established, according to a methodology well described in the apometric theory, we move on to probing the spiritual elements themselves, that is, the most common obsessive situations. Once the due measures have been taken in approaching the spirits that may be perceived, it is time to investigate the energetic aspects, having as a reference the astral physiology. Attention then turns to the situation and functioning of the extraphysical bodies, notably the perispirit — or psychosoma — and, in cases that require broader investigation, the etheric double and the mental body.

Since, at this point in the service, the querent will have already been submitted to the unfolding through the apometric commands, it is possible to promote a judicious sweep in their subtle bodies. Thus, the state of the chakras is evaluated; they scrutinize everything from fluid congestion to energetic parasites and unhealthy ideoplasties that affect the individual’s aura; Apparatuses housed in the periphery of the astral body are also detected, as well as technological artifacts and all kinds of more sophisticated parasitic apparatus, generally installed in the central nervous system.

It is worth remembering that, in the spiritist conception, the perispiritual organism is the biological organizing model, that is, it is the matrix that molds the physical body. Therefore, it contains all the organs and structures observed therein, but in a more subtle dimension, a fact that illustrates the complexity of spiritual medicine.

Not only the consultant but also the team of mediums — this one, since the opening of activities — acts in consciential unfolding; thus, the agents and the target of the investigation are in the astral reality. This fact promotes gains in the accuracy of perceptions and in the efficiency of the therapy employed. For this, it is enough for the operator to have enough knowledge to formulate a plausible diagnostic hypothesis, always in discussion with the group, and, based on the data collected through mediumistic investigation, propose and administer accurate procedures.


One cannot fail to highlight a certain essential element for the success of the apometric treatment dynamics. It is about superior spiritual direction, exercised by spirits endowed with righteousness and moral fiber, in addition to, necessarily, technical capacity and expertise in matters of areas such as medicine, psychology, and ancestral magic, among other fundamental disciplines, which are raised regularly. in the examination carried out with the aid of apometry.

The reference to spiritual coordination leads to the mention of another attraction of this methodology. It is noted that apometry, by resorting to astral unfolding systematically, allows congregating, in the same vibrational plane, preferably in a hospital of the superior astral, both incarnated and disincarnated nurses, in addition to the consultant. How much favoritism certainly follows from this fact! Spirits, therefore, are not condemned to vibratory densification as a unilateral means of establishing vibratory attunement with mediums. In the scenario unveiled by the apometric dynamics, almost all of the effort is not up to them to reach physical reality and act on it. The living callings also jump dimensional barriers and seek to transcend their condition – not just in thought, but in fact -, since the whole treatment takes place in a consecutively superior sphere, whether etheric or astral. Simply put: with apometry, the spirits descend, and the incarnated ascend, to meet halfway, in vibrational terms.


Finally, after properly approaching the pathologies of a fluidic nature that may have been diagnosed, it is up to you to move on to the third sphere of inspection, which is of a soul nature. This scope concerns the conflicts of the spirit itself, that is, inherent to the soul of the subject under examination.

Although it manifests a certain waking personality, the incarnated being is an immortal conscience, endowed with millenary history and challenges of various kinds. Accumulated over successive reincarnations, these can emerge in the present time and generate serious and unproductive consequences, creating severe obstacles to the individual path.

As an example, one of the most common psychic pathologies identified by apometry is the so-called vibratory resonance with the past., which can be seen in varying degrees. In summary, it is a trauma or striking state of the remote past that, thanks to a fortuitous event in current life, erupts and connects the patient to that unfortunate moment. In extreme cases, but not uncommon, it is verified that, as soon as the unfolding takes place, the individual exhibits a perispiritual aspect totally inconsistent with his contemporary physical appearance; instead, he assumes features consistent with those he presented in the incarnation that came to light. In practice, this phenomenon indicates that the client, as soon as he leaves the body, lives as another personality, to some extent, psychically locating himself in a past self that he himself was. The rejection and inadaptation to the present reality, in addition to the emergence of disconnected thoughts and emotions,

Traumas suffered in the current incarnation can also provoke resonance — in this hypothesis, due to the similarity they have with experiences from previous lives or, then, as a psychic mechanism of escape from the current problematic reality. However, unsuspected and even trivial facts are, more often than not, responsible for the outbreak of the disease. Among these triggering elements, trips, visiting places and monuments and even inhaling a certain odor, in the case of more sensitive people, as well as listening to certain music, stand out. The mechanisms of atavistic memory, after all, are territory largely ignored by men. The apometric protocol has effective procedures to solve pathologies similar to this one, of a psychic nature, in just one visit.

It is important to reaffirm that most illnesses of an eminently spiritual nature can be cured by conventional disobsessive therapies, associated with those of a fluid nature. Evils in the energy sphere, also in large proportions, can be equated by applying magnetism. Even apometric care benefits greatly from previous treatment using magnetic passes and, not infrequently, requires this therapy as a complement, after the apometric incursion, to ensure longer-lasting results. Conflicts of an animic nature, in turn, are those that most demonstrate the speed of Lacerda’s methodology and its effectiveness in resolving cases. Although there is another kind of soul conflicts,


As can be concluded, apometry constitutes a technique and a method of treatment. Both these meanings conceptualize precious tools, both to streamline mediumistic meetings — the induction of unfolding with relative ease is just the most visible facet of the process — and to catalog, address, and face a range of pathologies that, in many cases, could hardly be treated by other means.

Allan Kardec elaborates two affirmations, each related to one of the purposes above, which denote the substantive benefits of the projection of consciousness. “In the state of detachment in which it finds itself, the spirit of the somnambulist [that is, the unfolded sensitive] enters more easily into communication with other incarnated or non-incarnated spirits ”² — words that allow us to safely verify that, if there is a way to promote the unfolding with ease, the mediumship faculty and, consequently, the spiritist meetings only have to gain in performance and productivity. Shortly before, in the same text, it reads: “For Spiritism, somnambulism [today called] is more than a physiological phenomenon; it is a light shed upon psychology. That’s where you can study the soul because that’s where it shows itself clearly”³. Indeed, it is so clear when confirming the importance of the contribution, to health treatments, of a state that would be, more than a century after Kardecian words, obtained without great efforts through the technique developed from the investigations of the gaucho doctor.

With apometry, a whole universe of possibilities is unveiled while exploring the extraphysical plane and its particularities and also unveiling the human soul. It’s time to study and train yourself to handle such a valuable tool with skill, safety, and dexterity.

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