Often, when we refer to Guardians of Humanity, some people commonly associate with Exus who work in Umbanda and Candomblé, but we do not refer to these entities. It is clear that we also work with some representatives of this spiritual lineage and cultivate for them the affection, love, respect, and trust in their work, but when we refer to the Guardians of Humanity, we are directly referring to the Superior Guardians.

Knowing the Guardians and their duties

Superior Guardians are multidimensional consciousnesses, also known as spirits, who organize themselves into hierarchical commands and watch over for order and justice in all areas of life. We can understand them as the security forces of the extraphysical world, with a structure that ranges from the humblest soldiers to the most senior officers.

In general, there are the lower level guardians who constitute the “astral police” and who watch over the safety of streets, houses, and even cities, preventing there the marginal consciousnesses and general magics from prevailing and creating chaos. At the highest level are the so-called superior guardians, representatives of justice, and those responsible for maintaining order on a planetary and even sidereal level. They even coordinate the process of transmigration of consciousnesses between worlds.

Who are the Superior Guardians?

The size and organization of the Superior Guardians are wide and vary according to the type of work performed by them. Some examples of Superior Guardians are the Galactic Guardians, who are responsible for coordinating the cosmic process of life in the Milky Way and other Cosmic Islands. We also have as an example, the Superior Guardians responsible for the work in the parallel universes, coordinating the Space-Time factor and the transpositions from one universe to another. In addition to these Guardians, some Planetary Guardians are the spirits of the Guardians category who work on a planetary level, being those who are at the top of spiritual responsibility of a planet, those spirits with greater commitment and responsibilities to humanity on planet Earth, it is with those kinds of spirits that the Guardians of Humanity works with.

Superior Guardians doesn’t work “ground-to-ground” neither embodies any mediums. His work is related to the migrations of worlds when there are times like the one we live in, where we will have a great number of spirits that will be extradited from the terrestrial orb and several others will be migrated to here for future reincarnations and missions. During this process, all spirits that will be taken and received on Earth, including those who see us helping from other planets, are sent to Luna Base and only with the authorization of those responsible for it, are these spirits sent to certain vibratory junctions of humanity.

Where they live?

The Planetary Guardians’ main base is called Luna Base, and their extraphysical entrance is located near mount Mare Imbrium on the Moon.

The General Coordinator is Anton, his team is formed by Jamar, Watab, Kiev, Astrid, Semiramis, and Dayana, the main Planetary Guardians who work on our planet. The Guardians also have bases located in the terrestrial psychosphere, such as the one located near the Ural Mountains in Russia.

Is there a hierarchy among the Superior Guardians?

Yes! Anton is directly connected with galactic entities such as the Guardians of the Galaxy of Orion, Andromeda, of the Magellanic Clouds, and others. He maintains this connection and counts on the help of these entities to assist the Earth in this time of transition of ages.

Reporting to Anton, we have the founder of the Guardians of Humanity Program, Jamar. This spirit was one of the Guardians of the Night and rose to the rank of Planetary Guardian, founded the Guardians training program, and is today its main coordinator, evolutionary mentor, and spokesperson for the work carried out by the Program here on Earth.

This team of Planetary Guardians responds to the authority of Archangel Michael, the archangel responsible for the order and justice on our planet.

All these Superior Guardians of a planetary order are subject to the authority of Jesus Christ, who is one of the five cosmic representatives of the Milky Way.

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