In this article about Planetary Transition, you will find an analysis of the concept and its evolutionary stages, from Primitive Worlds to Celestial Worlds. We discuss the current context with its global challenges and the importance of humanity’s spiritual journey. We address how challenges can be seen as opportunities for growth and what the crucial role of the individual is in the Transition.


Planetary Transition represents a fundamental concept for understanding the profound transformations occurring on our planet and its inhabitants. This phenomenon, of a complex nature, is essential for our understanding of the present and for anticipating the future of humanity.

But what exactly does the Planetary Transition mean? When will it happen? What are its distinctive signs? And how can we, individually, contribute to this evolutionary process? These are questions that have aroused the interest of scholars and free thinkers since Allan Kardec, in Genesis, Miracles and Predictions According to Spiritism (1868), first presented this concept. In the work, the codifier of Spiritism discusses Earth’s transition from a world of trials and expiations, marked by suffering and challenges, to a world of regeneration, characterized by greater justice, peace and fraternity.

At the Collegiate of Guardians of Humanity, this theme has always been central in our bibliography and in the courses offered. We believe that deepening this knowledge is one of the most effective ways to accelerate the evolution of humanity towards its next stages.

With this vision, we decided to expand the reach of these discussions beyond the classroom, now bringing them to our blog. This article aims to explore in depth the meaning and consequences of the Planetary Transition, providing a complete and detailed view of this transformative process.

The Concept and Stages of Planetary Transition


The current Planetary Transition is an evolutionary process by which planet Earth, together with its inhabitants, passes from a state of trials and expiations to one of regeneration. This transition is marked by profound transformations in several aspects: spiritual, social, environmental and cultural. This phenomenon not only redefines the relationship between humanity and the environment, but also promotes a significant evolution in individual and collective consciousness.


The Planetary Transition comprises several progressive stages, reflecting the spiritual and material development of both the planet and its inhabitants. This classification, although not universal, is often adopted in the context of spiritualism and other spiritualist doctrines. Key stages include:

  1. Primitive Worlds : This is the starting point on the evolutionary scale of worlds. On these planets, living conditions are quite basic and rudimentary. The beings who inhabit these worlds are in the early stages of their spiritual and moral development, experiencing fundamental experiences that form the basis for their future growth.
  2. World of Trials and Atonements : At this stage, the planet is characterized by intense challenges and suffering. Inhabitants experience a wide range of difficulties, which serve as opportunities to learn and evolve spiritually. This is a period of intense moral and spiritual learning.
  3. Transition to the World of Regeneration : This is the stage the Earth is in. It is a period marked by significant transformations. The old order, centered on tests and expiations, begins to give way to a new reality, driven by crises that act as catalysts for the awakening of consciousness.
  4. World of Regeneration : At this stage, the planet and its inhabitants reach a more evolved state, where suffering decreases and life becomes more harmonious. People are guided by high values, such as love, fraternity and cooperation. Challenges still exist, but they are approached in a more constructive way, reflecting a higher level of spiritual awareness.
  5. Happy Worlds : Here, humanity reaches an even higher degree of spiritual and moral evolution. Life is characterized by constant peace and happiness. Lessons are assimilated more serenely, and there is improved harmony between people and the environment.
  6. Celestial or Divine Worlds : These are the final stages of planetary evolution. Life in these worlds is marked by pure happiness and light. Material existence is almost non-existent, and spiritual life is richly full and intense, with a direct and constant connection with the divine.

Each of these stages represents a significant step in the evolutionary journey, not only of the planet, but also of each being that lives on it. It is a continuous and progressive process, which takes us to increasingly higher states of existence and consciousness.

Current Context and Global Challenges

The world today faces challenges on an unprecedented global scale: political crises, environmental disasters, pandemics and social conflicts. These events are not random, but integral parts of the Planetary Transition. They reflect the tensions and contradictions of a changing civilization, acting as catalysts for necessary and inevitable change.


Current environmental crises are perhaps the clearest signs of the need for planetary transformation. Global warming, loss of biodiversity and pollution are symptoms of an unbalanced relationship with the environment. These environmental challenges are not just physical issues, but reflect a profound spiritual and ethical crisis.


Social crises, such as inequalities, injustices and conflicts, are manifestations of a collective consciousness that is still evolving. Likewise, spiritual crises, manifested in the form of a search for meaning and purpose, reflect a deep yearning for a deeper connection with the universe and among ourselves. 

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The Spiritual Journey of Humanity

The Planetary Transition is intrinsically linked to humanity’s spiritual journey. We are being called to expand our consciousness beyond the limits of materialism, selfishness and separation. This implies a fundamental change in our values, beliefs and behaviors.


The expansion of consciousness is the cornerstone of this transformation. It involves a greater awareness of our interconnectedness with all life forms and a deeper understanding of our collective responsibility for the well-being of the planet.


Self-awareness is fundamental in this process. It is through self-knowledge that we can recognize and transform patterns of thought and behavior that no longer serve our growth or the well-being of the planet.

Challenges as Opportunities

The challenges we face in our lives, or in life in society, should not be seen just as obstacles, but as opportunities for growth and transformation. Each crisis offers us the chance to reevaluate our choices and change our trajectory towards a more sustainable and harmonious future.


Reevaluating our individual and collective choices is essential. This includes reconsidering our lifestyles, our economic systems, our policies and, above all, our ethical and spiritual priorities.

The Role of the Individual in Transition

In the journey of Planetary Transition, each individual plays a crucial role. The global transformation we seek is, in fact, the result of the sum of countless individual transformations.


Each person’s contributions range from adopting more sustainable daily habits to actively engaging in environmental and social issues. Every small action, no matter how insignificant it may seem, is a vital step towards collective change.

Understanding the importance of these individual actions, we offer the Guardians of Humanity Agent Training program . This program goes beyond a simple course; It is a catalyst to awaken and enhance latent abilities. It is designed to help each participant overcome their limitations and reach their full potential, thus becoming a more effective agent in the Planetary Transition


In addition to individual actions, community engagement and collaboration play a vital role. Together, we are capable of achieving much more than alone. Planetary Transition requires an approach that values ​​collective effort and synergy, a fundamental principle that is also emphasized in our study program.

By joining forces and working together, we can accelerate the process of global transformation, leading humanity to a more promising and sustainable future.

Conclusion: A New Vision for the Future and a Call to Action

The Planetary Transition transcends mere prediction; it is an emerging reality, unfolding before our eyes. This evolutionary process offers us a renewed perspective for the future – a vision of a more balanced, harmonious and spiritually advanced world. As each of us commits to this journey of transformation, we have the opportunity to collaborate in writing a new chapter in Earth’s history, a chapter marked by compassion, understanding and deep respect for all forms of life.

The Planetary Transition is not just a beacon of hope for the future; it represents a call to action in the here and now. It is an invitation for each of us to play an active role in creating a better world.


For those who feel the call to deepen their understanding and act effectively in this transformative process, our Agent Training course is the opportunity you have been waiting for. This program is not just a set of classes; It is a journey of awakening and empowerment. By participating, you will gain access to in-depth knowledge about the Planetary Transition and other vital spiritual concepts, as well as practical tools to apply these teachings in your daily life and community.


We invite you to join a community of committed and motivated individuals, all dedicated to making a difference in the world. By enrolling in our Agent Training course , you will take a significant step in your own spiritual development and actively contribute to the collective evolution of humanity.


This is the time to act, to learn, to grow and to contribute. The Planetary Transition awaits your active participation. Come be part of this transformation.

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