After many years of accompanying patients and attending spiritist centers, I noticed, among people who seek spiritual treatments, a certain level of despair, mixed with anxiety and hopelessness. They seek the spiritist environment as the last solution for their physical illnesses and afflictions.

This scares a little, but it also serves as a warning, as thousands of people are trying in every way to alleviate their suffering. Not that it’s wrong; any alternatives in search of relief or momentary cure must be tried when conventional medical means no longer give hope. What I question is how the process occurs, indicating little understanding or understanding of the true spiritual situations in which we are involved, even with the aggravating factor of confusing spiritual therapy with spiritual healing. This confusion is not only for those who seek it but also for those who offer this help.

Let’s try to clarify. Therapies or treatments are characterized by a practice or a set of practices aimed at organic and/or mental balance, also called homeostasis. They can occur through traditional medicine with or without the aid of complementary therapies. Spiritual therapies are characterized as complementary, through passes, magnetism, fluidized water, prayers, or the so-called spiritual surgeries with or without skin incisions.

These techniques, when well conducted by capable and well-trained people or mediums, in previously prepared environments, can be important as an aid to conventional medical treatments, depending on the merit of each one, according to the Law of Cause and Effect. Combining them with changes in habits and behavior, the assisted person may have relief from their suffering or even be free of the disease that bothers them. Now, the cure… depends on many variables.

Apometry is a technique or a set of techniques whose application allows, above all and in general lines, to streamline mediumistic meetings with varied objectives. 

I notice that, just like in medical outpatient clinics, the spiritist centers that offer spiritual treatments continue to have full waiting rooms. That is, are we really healing?

When an individual is disillusioned with the cure for his cancer by conventional medical means, he seeks spiritual treatment and the cancer disappears, we can say that he has cured the cancer, but not that he is cured. That’s because real healing goes far beyond the extirpation of cancer. It is directly linked to intimate reform, to the deep knowledge of our ills.

For that, it is necessary to remove the veils of pride and vanity and see our true selves. This usually hurts more than cancer, because it’s the pain of the soul. It is because of this difficulty that we continue to get sick. We relieve one suffering through spiritual treatment, but soon another will come to remind us that we are still not cured.

The true spiritual therapy that can lead to healing is the understanding of the doctrine that the Gospel of Christ brings us. It is his gradual knowledge, in almost homeopathic doses, that gradually awakens us to the realities that we put aside for our convenience. The Gospel establishes, over time, the intended balance, without despair or immediacy. Free us from anxiety and self-judgment, which only destabilize our vibratory pattern, generating over time organic imbalance and, consequently, illness, pain, and suffering.

If I had to prescribe some spiritual treatment, I would prescribe reading, studying, and accepting the guidelines of the Gospel. It is a true treatise on healing, available to anyone who wants it and at a low cost, all it takes is the practice of love and charity.

Getting rid of the cycle of “being born, living, getting sick, dying, and being reborn again” depends on each one. Evolution and liberation are individual processes; no one can get them for you!

Being happy is not a gift, it is an achievement.

Dr. Alexandre Serafim, president of the Medical-Spiritist Association of Vale do Paraíba, is a partner of the Collegiate and teaches the  Medicine of the Soul course for members of the Guardians of Humanity Program.

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