“Because of the evil of their works, I will drive them out of my house. I won’t love them anymore; all her princes are rebels.” Hosea 9:15

In the preface to the book Legião1, work that is a real watershed in Robson Pinheiro’s mediumistic production, the spirit Ângelo Inácio observes that the condition of facing evil and evil in its most explicit, naked face, is directly proportional to the disposition of face the inner shadows, that is, those of the soul itself. It has also been said that taking darkness as a metaphor for evil, as is usually done, is inadequate in a central respect. In fact, evil is more like lancinating light, for it obscures the vision to such an extent that few are able to look at it face to face, bluntly. Indeed, dealing with evil face-to-face is an act of courage.

EXCERPT FROM THE INTERVIEW WITH MAGO NEGRO, an exclusive bonus for students of the Master in Apometry course.

Certainly motivated by these elements, among many others, the spirit of Joseph Gleber — who is the creator and patron of the Master in Apometria2, a training course produced by the Robson Pinheiro Institute — proposed that we film a mediumship meeting, more specifically the interaction with a black magician, that is, an initiate from ancient times devoted to the practice of the most unscrupulous evil, the most unspeakable heinousness, who dedicates his knowledge unusual to the spurious cause of subduing others for one’s own benefit. We ask ourselves: “Are we really going to interview a black magician, who is one of the most dangerous shadow figures, not without reason feared in almost every astral recess?”. Then we ponder: “Who could have done it? In fact, it seems like an original contribution that is within our reach”. Undoubtedly, originality, as well as intrepidity and fearlessness, has always been a value that guided the work of Casa dos Espíritos and medium Robson Pinheiro in all initiatives undertaken. Consequently,

Accompanying the events from the arrival of a legitimate and hostile representative of the shadows to the end of the communication, which turned out to be more than a simple interview, is something that moves and makes you think at the same time. In a way, this record summarizes the human trajectory itself, translated in the parable of the lost sheep, 3 according to which the shepherd leaves 99 sheep in the fold and goes in search of the missing one. Finding her, he heals her wounds, places her on his shoulders, and returns to the fold, with great joy that he has recovered her.

If the guideline of the spirit Verdade, responsible for guiding Allan Kardec in the codification of spiritism, can be summarized in the expression love each other and instruct yourselves, 4 nothing better than learning and instructing yourself while observing the concrete action of love. Here, it does not refer to sentimental sentiments or clichés, but to real love, exemplified by the spiritual team in its efforts to change the course of the history of a single stray sheep, of a single spirit convinced and dedicated, for centuries, to the cause of combating the policy of the same Lamb who intercedes for him.

Therefore, we are proud to present the result of this effort exclusively to students of the Master in Apometria — an online course lasting more than 56 hours, with Robson Pinheiro, Leonardo Möller, and guests —, in material filled with the necessary explanations, in the form of a rather rich bonus, over two and a half hours long. I am one of the instructors on the course, so I say quite rich without false modesty, because, in fact, even I was surprised by the number of explanations and examples revealed when I edited the video, in which various techniques of apometry and magnetism are demonstrated, as well as certain methods and concepts are presented to conduct a dialogue and therapeutic care through mediumship.

Discover the

Apometry is a technique or a set of techniques whose application allows, above all and in general lines, to streamline mediumistic meetings with varied objectives. 

In this sense, to help you decide whether to enroll in the Master in Apometry, we also recommend enrolling in the mini-course Initiation to Apometry, completely free — which is, in fact, module zero of the Master in Apometria. Comprising almost 4 hours of exclusive content, it consists of a series of 7 classes, 5 of which are taught by Robson Pinheiro, and the other 2 by me, Leonardo Möller. The theme of most of the mini-course classes revolves around obsession, from methods of approaching obsessors to evocation and apometry techniques, passing through the challenges faced and some of the widely disseminated myths in this regard. Learn more here.

Hope to see you soon. Good studies!

Leonardo Möller, operator and coordinator in apometry meetings for about 20 years

[1] PINHEIRO, Robson. By the spirit Angelo Inácio. Legion: A Look into the Shadow Realm. 12. ed. rev. Contagem: Casa dos Espíritos, 2011. p. 13-19.
[2] The Master in Apometry and other courses by Robson Pinheiro are available at: www.guardioesdahumanidade.org
[3] Lk 15:4-7; Mt 18:12-13.
[4] “Spiritist! Love one another, this is the first teaching; I instruct you, this is the second.” (KARDEC, Allan. The Gospel according to Spiritism . Rio de Janeiro: FEB, 2011. p. 153, cap. 6, item 5.)

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