Let’s start a process that will reverberate for eternity on planet Earth as well as on your evolutionary journey! What I have to tell you is very serious and important, so turn your attention to this text, the world needs your help!  

I want to start by asking you questions:

  • How have you faced the difficult times our planet is going through? 
  • What about the economic, social, and spiritual crisis that our country is going through?
  • Have you ever thought that all this can affect your spiritual life, your journey in search of spirituality?

I have received many messages from good people, concerned to know what is behind certain distressing situations at the national and world level, and they also ask me how to do a satisfactory job that can genuinely help, both the country and the world. The big question:  how to work spiritually to help others and yourself during this time of global and national crisis? I can tell you one thing with absolute certainty: behind social, economic, political, and family events, there is another reality, which is the action of spirits that interact with all of us daily. But what is the purpose of these beings in provoking, maintaining, and using the current crisis? What do they aim for? It is common for many good, well-intentioned people, in this moment of crisis, to end up seeing the dark and difficult side of everything around them and they decide to pray, pray, and make vibrations to try to solve the problems of the world and Brazil in a way that Special. But the question comes, will that alone solve it? Isn’t it time to get to know the tactics and strategies used by opponents of good to equip themselves and not succumb in these moments of crisis? Isn’t it smarter to ACT than to REACT? In an hour of despair, of uncertainty, regarding the future of our country and our planet, it is necessary to know not only the strategies used by dark spirits to sink us into problems but also the weapons of superior spirits, the resources used by them to interact and counterbalance the situation and keep balance. I too, like you, see many things with dissatisfaction and a very complex state of mind in these moments of crisis. Many people have been looking for me lately, including spiritist centers, and some federations, so that I can obtain some spiritual guidance for them, especially in the last six months; or that I can give them some words of comfort, hope, and faith. And it couldn’t be any different, after all, on Facebook at Editora Casa dos Espíritos alone, we have more than 1 million followers, out on other social networks. So, imagine the number of emails and messages I receive daily. Through them, I experience the fears and anxieties of many Brazilians and even foreigners who are in times of crisis and who are experiencing severe difficulties. It’s impossible for all of this not to affect me in some way. Also because I am human like you and I am inserted within the same social and educational context, in this homeland and on this planet that we all love.

Where am I going with this? Well, I want to say that there is a solution to this planetary crisis.

Today I coordinate 4 institutions in my state, Minas Gerais, plus two independent study groups, one in Belo Horizonte and another in São Paulo. In addition, I am responsible for providing studies and knowledge to 13 independent institutions in Europe, which we call the Guardians of Humanity. I can say with absolute certainty: all these people active in the collegiate, have a vision and a very different relationship from most people, about the moments that humanity is going through. And even more, they are today agents of extraphysical consciousnesses, which are acting in a process of social transformation in physical and extraphysical activities of direct assistance to their countries and, mainly, to the planet. That’s right, to planet Earth, because all these people are agents of the guardians and work in the certainty that they are collaborating, each one in their way, with the process of regeneration of the planet. See the ABOUT page of this site, and some testimonials from Members so that you can feel the strength of what I am writing here. I understood, in this time of experience with the collegiate all over the world, that this task serves the majority of people who want to make a difference, who want to work and equip themselves to also be agents of the Superior Guardians. There is a significant number of people in different cities who believe in superior interference and also want to help in this process of transmigration, regeneration, and relocation of the Earth’s spirits; and they are eager to be part of a group that is not affiliated with any religious organization, with any party, but above all, they are connected to those who run our world from a higher plane or dimension. And they cry out, maybe like you,

An opportunity

Many are dissatisfied with their spiritual situation and want more tangible results and cutting-edge knowledge, but for that, they need help, to take their first steps into an independent type of spirituality; are willing to accept the call of the Superior Guardians to integrate themselves into this contingent of men and women from all nations, tribes, languages ​​, and peoples who are uniting across the planet, to act actively in the process of re-urbanization of our world and to give more quality to our own lives in the physical body and still evolve spiritually. That’s why I decided to create an opportunity by opening the next class of the Guardians of Humanity Program to answer countless emails that I receive from these people, desirous of being part of this group of agents of Justice under the command of Miguel, the celestial prince. I extend this invitation to you so that you can join this immense army of good, working and improving yourself as if it were an initiatory process, however, practical, as agents of the Guardians of Humanity. My project with the spirits is to share this knowledge and my experiences with at least one million people around the world. And I want to invite you:  Come be part of this extraordinary group, which acts in the body and outside it, helping to transform the world in this project, which encompasses all of us in all latitudes of the planet! I present you with an incomparable work so far, and with myself Robson Pinheiro, helping you closely through online lectures, step by step, for an experience that will allow you to take a quantum leap in your search for spirituality and satisfaction in having knowledge that you will hardly find elsewhere.

Take the first step today by clicking here and enrolling in the free course I prepared as an invitation from the guardians for you to join our team of agents of divine Justice. 

As soon as you start actively participating, you will be joined by two guardians (spirits) who will encourage your journey of discovery and achievement. Therefore, come, participate, start the Course, and start your journey of spiritual success today, studying with cutting-edge knowledge, to understand, face and equip yourself with me in this great spiritual battle that is underway throughout planet Earth. I look forward to seeing you so that together we can work for the regeneration of our planet, starting with our country and ourselves.  

Remembering the words of the apostle Paul in his letter to the Ephesians chapter 6:12 which tells us:  

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

 I wait for you  

Robson Pinheiro | Serving the Guardians of Humanity

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