Planetary Transmigration, a concept known in ancient and modern spiritual traditions, describes the evolution of souls through several worlds, each reflecting a distinct stage of spiritual growth. This process, deeply connected to the Planetary Transition , not only relocates spirits according to their progress and evolutionary needs, but also resonates with our own journey of personal transformation. The article highlights the meticulous coordination of guardians in the classification of spirits, emphasizing that Transmigration, far from being a punishment, is an opportunity for learning and alignment with environments that promote evolution. Thus, Planetary Transmigration is presented not only as a cosmic phenomenon, but as a mirror of our inner growth, inviting us to reflect, evolve and actively contribute to collective spiritual transformation.


Planetary Transmigration, although widely recognized, remains an enigmatic and insufficiently explored concept in the spiritualist context. This facet of spiritual evolution, distinct from Planetary Transition — which refers to the evolutionary transformation of an inhabited planet — delineates the process through which spirits transit between different orbs. This migration, intrinsically linked to individual spiritual progress, marks a crucial and determining phase in the soul’s journey.

This article was inspired by the valuable content of the first classes of the Agent Training Course and aims to be a starting point for everyone who wants to better understand and explore the intriguing topic of Planetary Transmigration. The purpose of this text goes beyond simply presenting the complex details of this subject; he also intends to show the vast implications that this theme has. Therefore, it not only seeks to clarify the complications linked to Planetary Transmigration, but also to provide a broader understanding of its impact, both on the universe and on one’s personal spiritual journey.


Planetary Transmigration constitutes a fundamental process not only for the personal growth and evolution of each one of us, but it also plays a central role in the collective evolutionary trajectory of the entire human society. As we evolve, we are moved between different worlds, each representing a distinct stage of development. This process is governed by universal laws, ensuring that each spirit finds the most conducive environment for its growth. This principle, which extends beyond time and space, echoes through the ages, reflected in the diverse traditions and teachings that have shaped human understanding of the spiritual journey throughout history.

Planetary Transmigration Throughout History

Although the specific nomenclature of “planetary transmigration” as we know it today is a modern concept, the underlying essence of the soul traveling or reincarnating through different planes of existence is a deeply rooted and perennial notion present in countless spiritual traditions throughout the history of humankind. humanity. This concept, although diverse in its manifestations, shares a common understanding of the soul’s journey, transcending the barriers of a single world or existence.

  • Hindu and Buddhist Philosophy : In these ancient traditions, originating in India, reincarnation is a fundamental pillar. Souls are seen as eternal travelers, moving between different planes or worlds in a continuous cycle, guided by the laws of karma and the never-ending quest for spiritual development. This vision not only emphasizes the soul’s journey through different lives, but also suggests the possibility of moving between different spheres of existence.

  • Pythagoreanism and Platonism : In Ancient Greece, iconic figures such as Pythagoras and Plato touched on concepts that resonate with planetary transmigration. They contemplated the immortality of the soul and its ability to traverse different spheres of existence. Although they did not explicitly detail migration between different planets, their ideas planted the seeds for a broader understanding of the soul’s journey.

  • Gnosticism and Hermeticism : The esoteric traditions of Late Antiquity, such as Gnosticism and Hermeticism, bring to light the idea of ​​a soul on an ascending or descending journey, traversing various levels of reality. These spiritual teachings emphasize the pursuit of occult knowledge and transcendence, painting a picture of the soul as an entity in constant movement and evolution.

In the modern context, Planetary Transmigration is more directly associated with the spiritualist traditions that emerged in the 19th century, reflecting a synthesis and expansion of previous understandings. Although Allan Kardec, the codifier of Spiritism, did not explicitly use the terminology of planetary transmigration, the foundations of Spiritism offer a robust framework for understanding this phenomenon. The doctrine emphasizes reincarnation, the continuous progression of spirits, and the existence of multiple inhabited worlds, each providing distinct fields of learning and opportunities for advancement for spirits on their evolutionary journey.

Why Is Planetary Transition A Little-Explored Subject?

Planetary Transition , although widely recognized in spiritual and esoteric circles, is often considered an underexplored topic in its depth. According to clarifications from the medium Robson Pinheiro, one of the primary reasons for this superficiality in exploration lies in the origin of the information: the medium of revelation. This form of mediumship, also known as prophetic or prediction mediumship, enables mediums to receive insights , predictions and veiled spiritual truths, coming from the superior spirits that protect earthly humanity. The complexity of this mediumship is not only in the reception of messages, but also in the medium’s ability to interpret them faithfully, remaining neutral and precise in transmitting the content received.

Robson Pinheiro points out that mediums endowed with this psychic ability tend to exercise great discretion over their experiences and knowledge. Caution, in large part, is a response to the desire to avoid the persecution and skepticism that traditionally accompany those who bring to the public revelations of a profound spiritual nature, especially when these revelations portend significant changes, such as those inherent to the Planetary Transition.

The intricate nature of revelation mediumship demands exceptional discernment and considerable responsibility from mediums. The veracity of the messages received needs to be meticulously validated, weighing the potential influence of the medium’s mind and the possible interference of less enlightened spirits. Thus, vigilance becomes an indispensable component to ensure the genuineness, moral rectitude and compliance of messages with high ethical and spiritual principles.

In summary, Planetary Transition, despite being a topic of significant importance and interest, faces substantial challenges in its detailed exploration. These challenges emanate, above all, from the discreet nature of revelation mediums and the pressing need for accurate discernment to confirm the authenticity and integrity of the messages. Therefore, prudence, commitment to responsibility and a meticulous approach are imperative to achieve a genuine and deep understanding of this spiritual phenomenon of transformation. With this solid foundation of understanding and responsibility, we can then explore the complex relationship between Transmigration and Planetary Transition, two intertwined processes that together shape the fabric of our spiritual and cosmic evolution.

Interconnection Between Transmigration and Planetary Transition

Understanding Planetary Transmigration and Planetary Transition as distinct entities, while at the same time recognizing the profound interconnection between them, is vital to a comprehensive understanding of evolution that permeates both the cosmos and the personal sphere. As the Earth continues on its evolutionary path, leaving behind the phase of trials and expiations to enter a more harmonious and advanced state – the world of regeneration –, a significant spiritual relocation takes place. This process of Transmigration, far from being an isolated event, is closely linked to the collective transformations and vibrational changes that the planet experiences.

In the Planetary Transition phase, the Earth undergoes an increase in its vibrational frequency, inducing changes that transcend the physical and material to embrace the spiritual and moral. In this context, Planetary Transmigration emerges as a vital adjustment mechanism, ensuring that the spirits that inhabit the Earth are in line with their new evolutionary stage. Spirits that have reached the necessary moral and intellectual progress tune in to the vibration of the regenerated planet, while those that still need experiences in worlds of trials and expiations are transferred to other orbs, providing them with the opportunity to continue in their evolutionary process.

The universe is home to a myriad of worlds, each representing a specific stage on the evolutionary scale. Primitive worlds function as cradles for the initial experiences of spirits, offering the elementary conditions for the awakening of consciousness. Worlds of trials and expiations, like Earth in its current configuration, are marked by challenges and obstacles that foster intense moral and spiritual learning. On the other hand, regenerating worlds offer a more balanced scenario, where adversities decrease and the chances for the practice of love, compassion and cooperation flourish with greater abundance.

As a planet progresses on its evolutionary journey, the need for spiritual harmonization becomes imperative. Thus, Planetary Transmigration is not just a result of Planetary Transition, but a crucial and intrinsic element of this process. It ensures that spirits have the opportunity to continue their advancement in environments that are in harmony with their stage of evolution and their learning needs. This relocation process is guided by laws that are both just and merciful, ceaselessly aiming for the greater good and continuous advancement of all beings involved.

In this way, Transmigration and Planetary Transition intertwine in a complex cosmic dance of growth and metamorphosis, echoing the order, harmony and love that permeate every corner of the universe. Together, these dynamics shape the destiny of both spirits and worlds, leading everyone toward ever higher levels of consciousness and full realization. Now, we move beyond theory and delve into practice, exploring how this intricate spiritual choreography manifests through the actions of the guardians and the meticulous process that guides the journey of souls in the universe.

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Classification and Destiny of Spirits: The Careful Choice of Guardians

Described in the book The Guardians , authored by the spirit Ângelo Inácio through the medium Robson Pinheiro, and complemented by the instructions offered in the Agent Training Course, it is understood that the guardians’ lunar base serves as a strategic epicenter where the Immortals, spirits superiors in charge of guiding humanity, play a vital role in coordinating the transmigration of spirits. In this operational nucleus, the guardians meticulously classify each individual, considering aspects such as cultural context, affinities and individual weaknesses, aiming to organize these spirits into harmonized karmic groups, which will later be destined for worlds specifically selected for transmigration. This process demands exceptional commitment on the part of the guardians, as it involves the relocation of an extensive contingent of spirits, a procedure that transcends a mere random distribution and meticulously considers the singularities, as well as the intellectual and evolutionary progress of each spirit.

Consequently, spirits are organized into groupings based on their similarities, thus facilitating the meticulous study of exile processes according to the karmic experiences that each collective needs to face. Approaching this task on an individual basis would result in an undertaking of overwhelming magnitude, both in terms of time and complexity. Furthermore, there would be the danger of sending spirits, unattached from their karmic group, to worlds that do not offer the re-educational lessons they require.

Therefore, by categorizing spirits into affinity groups, guardians, with the crucial assistance of different races of exoconsciousness or children of the stars, are able to efficiently associate them with specific worlds or planets in the exile process, respecting the vibrational compatibilities of spiritual families. . Here, the term ‘family’ transcends the notion of blood ties or shared experiences on Earth, referring instead to spirits who share similar challenges and deviations, whose re-educational needs are aligned. This intergalactic collaboration, a fascinating intersection of assistance and wisdom, will be covered in more detail in future articles. With this understanding of the careful classification of spirits, we turn our attention to exile , where we will explore the profound implications of this process on the evolutionary journey of spirits.

The Exile: Exile for Evolution and its Consequences 

Exile, often misinterpreted, is a crucial aspect of Transmigration, involving the exile of spirits to worlds that correspond to their evolutionary state. Contrary to common perception, exile does not represent a punishment, but an opportunity for fundamental learning in an environment aligned with the moral and spiritual stage of the spirit.

In the book The End of Darkness , authored by the spirit Ângelo Inácio through the medium Robson Pinheiro, it is elucidated that before exile, spirits have the chance to adapt and evolve through processes such as compulsory rebirth and extraphysical education. These are mechanisms of re-education and adjustment, offering spirits opportunities to align themselves with the ethical and evolutionary principles necessary to avoid exile. Compulsory rebirth entails immediate immersion in new physical and cultural experiences, while extraphysical education involves a period of review and refinement of the spirit’s ideals, values, and character in astral dimensions, preparing them for possible rebirth on Earth or in another world. .

Robson Pinheiro highlights in his classes that, once all these opportunities for adjustment and learning have been exhausted, the spirit faces exile, a process that triggers a profound existential crisis, lasting for centuries. The spirit experiences a state of awareness, whether on a conscious or unconscious level, that its chances of remaining on planet Earth have vanished. This knowledge brings with it the weight of having to abandon everything familiar and face the challenge of adapting to a new environment, a new world that is not only strange in terms of the natural environment, but also in social and cultural aspects.

This state of crisis is not just a physical transition, but an intense emotional and spiritual journey. The degraded spirit is compelled to leave behind ties, memories and an entire context of existence, undergoing a journey of fundamental relearning. He must integrate into a new society, adopt its precepts and find a way to evolve within the structure and values ​​of this new reality. Exile, therefore, although an extreme measure, is shaped by a vision of divine justice and mercy, aiming at the continuous evolution of the spirit and the harmony of the cosmos.

It is crucial to understand that exile or planetary transmigration is not a punishment, but a re-educational providence aligned with divine justice and mercy. Relocation occurs only after all attempts at reintegration into the current world have been exhausted. Furthermore, some benefactor spirits may request to accompany the transmigrated groups to assist them in their new environment, demonstrating the interconnection and continuous care in the cosmic system of evolution. Thus, spirits are positioned in environments that resonate with their evolutionary stage and needs, ensuring balance and harmony in the grand scheme of cosmic life. This journey of relocation and learning in the vast cosmos not only shapes the trajectory of the spirits, but is also reflected in the personal transformation of each individual. In reflecting on exile and its consequences, we are faced with a mirror that reflects our own journey of evolution and personal growth, a topic we will explore in the next section, where we will discuss how Planetary Transmigration correlates with the individual transformations we all experience.

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Planetary Transmigration, more than a cosmic phenomenon, resonates deeply with the intricate tapestry of human experiences, reflecting a powerful metaphor for personal evolution and transformation. The crises, uncertainties, and search for greater purpose in our personal journey mirror the monumental transitions occurring in the cosmos. Thus, Planetary Transmigration not only delineates the movement of spirits between different spheres, but also illustrates the ongoing process of inner change and self-improvement that is fundamental to our own spiritual progress.

The words found in The Nephilim highlight the magnitude of this phenomenon:

“Forecasts indicated that more or less a third of the population of incarnated and disembodied beings would abandon Earth in the current transmigration between worlds. Since the First World War this process began, but it was from the 1940s onwards that the tasks of reurbanization and selection of souls reached their peak.” 

This excerpt not only highlights the scale of this cosmic movement, but also invites us to reflect on impermanence, renewal and the inherent need for adaptability and growth.

Understanding and deeply exploring Planetary Transmigration is more than an academic study of the spiritual sciences; It is a journey of self-knowledge and preparation for significant changes on both an individual and collective level. It is in this context that the Agent Training Course, one of the initiatives of the Collegiate of Guardians of Humanity, plays a crucial role. This course not only disseminates knowledge about topics as complex as Planetary Transmigration, but also equips participants with the tools and wisdom necessary to navigate these changes. Participants are prepared not only to adapt and evolve through these transformations, but also to be beacons of guidance and support for others, thus contributing to the harmonious evolution of humanity during this period leading up to the general judgment.

Therefore, deepening the understanding of Planetary Transmigration is opening the doors to a broader understanding of our own nature and destiny, and, at the same time, taking an active and conscious role in the great journey of transformation that humanity is going through. Transmigration, then, becomes not just a concept to be studied, but an invitation to grow, evolve and actively participate in the spiritual re-urbanization of our world.



As we conclude our exploration of Planetary Transmigration, it is evident that this concept transcends the mere transfer of spirits between worlds. It acts as a living metaphor for our own personal transformation, resonating with the challenges, learnings, and relentless pursuit of a greater purpose that each of us faces on our personal journey. The lessons of Planetary Transmigration invite us to reflect on our own evolution, urging us to seek a deeper understanding of ourselves and the universe that surrounds us.

Understanding Planetary Transmigration is not just an accumulation of esoteric knowledge; It is an invitation to personal and collective transformation. As we align with the principles of this cosmic journey, we are called to actively contribute to the vibrational elevation of our environment and to building a more conscious and supportive community.

In light of this understanding, we encourage everyone to engage in an ongoing quest for self-knowledge and spiritual development. Whether through the courses we offer, or through meditative practices and enriching interactions with like-minded communities, each step we take is an integral part of our evolution and the spiritual re-urbanization of our world.

We close this article with a vision of optimism and hope. By embracing the teachings of Planetary Transmigration, we are guided not only to understand the complexity of the souls’ journey, but also to recognize and value the process of growth and improvement that each of us is experiencing. May each step on this journey be a reflection of the wisdom, compassion and love we cultivate, leading us, together, towards an era of harmony and universal understanding.

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