The training and work has begun!

Guardians of Humanity is an institution focused on the formation and training of free thinkers, who seek knowledge and universal concepts that go beyond the limits of academic science.

The institution already operates in several countries around the world, training and qualifying its students with the aim of making them agents of change in their countries. And all humanitarian activities resulting from this training program promote solidarity and respect for cultural, religious and human diversities.

For years we have spread through our courses, lectures and books all our knowledge about spirituality, bioenergetics, out-of-body experiences, multiverses and the relationship between man and universal consciousness. Today, we present a SINGLE PROPOSAL for the integral development of being from the actions of the Guardians of Humanity Program.

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It all started with elite training in the astral dimension and a great challenge in the physical world Robson Pinheiro – Founder

It all started with elite training in the astral dimension and a great challenge in the physical world

The Guardians of Humanity training program was conceived when a group of 12 people was recruited to initiate elite training in the astral dimension with high-ranking spiritual beings in the exercise of planetary security and evolution.

This training aimed to present philosophical and scientific concepts about reality and the relationship between the physical and non-physical world throughout our history. For decades this group of people has been trained to understand the laws and rules of this reality and to work together with multidimensional beings in the safety of our evolutionary process.

Since 2011, the group of 12 have been tasked with finding people with the right profile to compose and train the largest group of multidimensional workers on the planet and pass on to them all the concepts and teachings acquired in the astral dimension in order to face and stop the hostile forces that act against the progress of humanity, whether they are from astral or physical origin.

Our core values are based on human transformation

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  • The Program enables students to work with physical and non-physical beings

    The Program enables students to work with physical and non-physical beings

    Through intensive training and effective methods to balance body, mind and spirit, students are trained and encouraged to work together with multidimensional beings who work behind the scenes in the most diverse areas of society, such as politics, finance, science and art.

    The goal is to make the student transcend their limitations, so they will discover and live their full potential, enabling them to act consciously as a representative of the sovereign forces of life.

  • Guardians of Humanity was developed for everyone

    Developed for everyone

    Based on the concept of independent spirituality, the program is open to all good people who believe in the existence and continuity of life beyond matter.

    The program values and empowers everyone. The students will identify their own skill or specialty. Therefore, it is not necessary to be a medium or have any prior special gift to carry out the studies.

  • In the Guardians of Humanity Program you'll not be alone

    You’ll not be alone on this journey

    The program provides tools for collaborative student progress. At each lesson, a new discussion group is opened. In this way, the student will be able to ask directly the tutors and other colleagues in the program.

    In addition, we invite all students to participate in the energy donation work and constantly encourages them to share their multidimensional experiences.