A little over two thousand years after the coming of Jesus and approximately 170 years after the Codification of the Doctrine of the Spirits, the theme “death” still causes shivers. Although in Spiritism we study the immortality of the spirit and reincarnation, we still have a great desire for the end of life as we know it.

In times of illness, fear also visits us. We are desperately looking for a cure or something that will allow us to prolong life. If medicine doesn’t solve it, the spiritual plane will solve it. We desperately ask to live a little longer. We even make promises.

Maybe that’s why Jesus said: ′′ O man of little faith, why did you doubt? ”.

We still carry doubts in our minds. We falter in our faith. We are afraid of the unknown or of the known that inhabits our subconscious – difficult to say. If we had faith the size of a mustard seed, we could move that mountain.

While we occupy our minds with death, we forget the most important thing: to live! When we really learn to live, death will cease to be a concern. Understanding the flow of life from “Thy will be done” will give us the comfort, relief, and balance we need. Accepting is not synonymous with surrendering, but with living with faith in Divine Providence, which does not abandon anyone.

We are not going to die; let’s change plans, clothes. Let’s wake up to our true reality. And maybe that’s our biggest fear. We still lack faith. Let us remember that God is sovereignly just and good, that His yoke is easy and His burden is light.

Getting sick and dying is also part of life, and we will have to experience these experiences somehow. It can be with fear and anguish or with faith and courage, accepting that we are all in need of mercy and pity. These are gifts from a God of love, who does not punish, only teaches. So if death is knocking at our door, let’s learn from it. Something is teaching us. It can be patience, resignation, forgiveness, reconnection, and so many other individual lessons. I leave it to each one of you to think about what death might be trying to teach you.

Do an experiment, almost a self-challenge: when you wake up, if you haven’t disincarnated in your sleep (I’m sure someone thought: “Wow!”), do a mental exercise. Think that on that very day, you will die. When thinking that you are dying today, reflect on what are your tendencies with others, with yourself, and, above all, with God. Think about what was unresolved and also about the people you would like to hug, kiss, whom you would like to say you love, ask for forgiveness or forgive. How would you like to spend this last day? With someone you love, walking in a beautiful park, on the beach, in the woods, laughing with friends, playing with your pet… There are so many things that life goes by and we don’t even realize what we leave behind. Perhaps this is one of the reasons for the fear of dying: not having more time to do what we would like to do. List everything in this experience. Put it in a notebook so you don’t forget anything.

So, dear friend, if the next morning you wake up in this life, live, so as not to be afraid to die!

Dr. Alexandre Serafim, president of the Medical-Spiritist Association of Vale do Paraíba, is a partner of the Guardians of Humanity and teaches the Medicine of the Soul course for members of the Guardians of Humanity Program.

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