In the conflicting days we currently live, where have you been looking? For the afflictions of the world or have you been seeking to feel God?

I am saying these things so that, believing in me, you may be steadfast and secure and enjoy peace. (John 16.33)

Nowadays, the vast majority of us are stunned to witness the effects of the generalized corruption industry that has reached unimaginable levels in our society. Politicians, businessmen, judges, priests, prophets of modernity, rich and powerful, not so rich and powerful anyway, common people without distinction are immersed in this embarrassing immediatist and exclusive behavior, which collaborates with the construction and maintenance of a gloomy and even more uncertain scenario.

Institutionalized disloyalty gathers supporters at an impressive speed and transforms our society into a battlefield where men behave like wild beasts, clouding eyes and hardening hearts. Such a position means that everyone else is seen and felt not as people who should be respected, but rather as something or something that can be exploited or devoured.

Judges do not represent the dignity of the laws and have become their greatest and most shameless transgressors. Side by side, we find wealthy politicians and rich people with pompous surnames who, even in the face of changes and new winds that still timidly air our days, insist on relying on the shield of impunity at any price.

The buying and selling of people and institutions is going well, thanks, despite some casualties — nothing serious, many believe. The guideline is the same as always: whoever pays the most and guarantees the continuity of this kind of black market wins. Lower moral values ​​and villainy are the bargaining chips.  

Like a ripple effect, human relationships, in their various shades, deteriorate because of greed and the love of money. Family relationships succumb to the contact with distortions of values ​​that come from different sources, some as expressions of art, such as music, dance, and literature, or the outbursts of contemporaneity fostered by so-called avant-garde philosophical systems that point out indiscriminately how much our society is backward and hostage to behaviors that are dissonant from the pseudo modernity present in our days. Just for the record, many so-called religious schools have contributed significantly to this misaligned landscape in which we live. “We want to be free”, say its defenders and followers, “no more oppression”. “Down with this, we want that”, and,

We are surrounded. We feel inadequate in the face of corruption, present in all spheres of our society: from the smallest to the largest, from the poorest to the most fortunate, from those who have a level of intellectuality that stands out to the most simple and illiterate. However, I dare say: these are charmingly challenging times, for understanding that the selection process that many call crisis – collapse or moral degradation – does its work. Indeed, how difficult and at the same time charming are these days. 

Perhaps many of those reading me now ask: How can difficult days be charming at the same time? In difficult and so violent days, can one see charm and beauty? As? Simple, my people. How about we start looking at God, not the circumstances? Yes, this represents rekindling our faith and strengthening the bond with our divine heritage, present in each of us. The creator cares about us. None of us are orphans of your assistance. He who, even in the face of so much collective distemper, understands that God is the safe haven, our refuge, is strengthened and becomes capable of discovering what his real needs are, which in today’s troubled days is a real find. In this way, the help of the one who keeps us will be present, 

According to what we have seen and the sidereal mentors have shown us, times are difficult and the tendency is for them to become even more challenging. When they come to us bringing such a perspective, it is precisely to free us from the great Maia or Matrix in which we are immersed up to our necks and, to boot, so that we are not caught with our pants down — or, in other words, by surprise. The idea is to make us understand that the real possibility of getting out of this phase with more moral and spiritual robustness is to face our fears and reach out for reconciliation, pray, and transform our existence into something more useful. In these enchantingly difficult and challenging days, the safest path is to go towards ourselves in search of the creator, who, according to Jesus Christ, is found in the intimacy of our hearts. God resides in us, God resides in you, God resides in me. Armed with this faith in the Father of lights, we will establish a line of action and conduct that will enable us to build happier days, but no less challenging.  

In this evil world you will always have difficulties. But stand firm! I have conquered the world. (John 16.33)

Marcos Leão is vice president of the Order of Guardians of Humanity, where he is one of the instructors. Medium, author of the book  Você com você, deep knowledge of spiritual works, and co-founder of UniSpiritus alongside Robson Pinheiro, where he has carried out mediumistic and social activities since 1992.

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