There are people sleeping too much out there. Don’t you think, my son, that all this sleep is a process of escape or disguised laziness? Sometimes preto-velho sees my children complain about things: that things are difficult, that life is getting harder every day and business does not correspond to the investments made by you.

But, you see, my son, sleeping like this you will miss out on enormous opportunities. Those who want to win in life do not hand over their business to others to manage. Study the attitudes of the winners and you can see that each one of them has taken on for himself the activity at which he excelled.

Wake up while there is still time, because when you get old, precious time will have passed, and time, my son, is something that never comes back, just as a missed opportunity never returns. Everything can be renewed, but nothing is repeated under identical conditions. Start the day early, setting an example for those who report to you.

It’s no use complaining that it’s hard or that you’re tired. The physical body was designed by God to rise daily after eight hours of sleep. If you can’t stay awake after that, something is wrong. Think about it and see if you are not running away from something indefinitely. Perhaps your body locks itself into sleep as an escape from the duties that are incumbent upon it.

There are those who also sleep in front of life, letting opportunities for progress pass. They wear themselves out in youth, abusing their own limits, and then, when the autumn of life comes, they regret the lost time.

Today, my son, life has changed and no one can let time pass indefinitely without regretting it soon. Taking care of spiritual things while there is time is a matter of wisdom. So wake up from spiritual lethargy and get set right away. You can’t stay asleep while the world turns faster and faster towards a future of achievements.

Similarly, there are those who wait to fall from the sky and dream of happiness… They think that their prince charming or the princess of their dreams will miraculously come to wake them up at any time. They wait so long that they fail to notice that they are dreaming, and dreams are only possible, my son when we sleep. Wake up and learn soon that happiness doesn’t fall from the sky.

No one will discover you hiding there, in your private corner and, with a magic pass, fall in love. Go out to live and show yourself, show up, shine, and invest in yourself. The world has changed a lot in the last few centuries, and you have slept too much in your dream and fantasy. Be careful that when you wake up, you don’t find yourself in a nightmare facing reality.

Dreams and ideals are very good, but only by acting will my children be able to carry out any undertaking and find life satisfaction. No one lives only on dreams and ideals. My children need to take action and stop masking and excusing their omissions. Assume an aggressive and courageous posture in the face of life and do not surrender to the sleep of the soul, worse than the indefinable sleep of those who run away from responsibility.

Waking up is being aggressive and breaking with idleness; it means being bold in the world and taking on the attitude of a winner in life. It means being active, proactive, and not giving in to the flight of conscience.

Even the dead have risen, my son, and work all the time; why do you keep lying down and sleeping?

Text extracted from the book Sabedoria de preto-velho, dictated by the spirit Pai João de Aruanda and psychographed by Robson Pinheiro.

“Does he really need to present himself as a preto-velho?”, question some. We answer: “And why not?” The conformation of enlightened spirits is linked to their most recent incarnations and the aspect that will be useful to them to fulfill their objectives. Should everyone be white if humanity is the expression of diversity? A slave in Pernambuco and later Bahia, João Cobú had previously lived as a master in the slave-owning south of the USA. In Brazil, he wanted to live on the other side of the whip. In an incarnation in Baía de Todos os Santos, which ended by yellow fever in 1900, he was the spiritual leader of his community. The protective spirit of Everilda Batista, mother of Robson Pinheiro, has been active since 1950 through mediumship in the family.

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