“This government does not represent me.” This phrase I have heard and read very often in the media and in everyday chats. If this government does not represent certain people, it is worth asking: which government represents them? The previous ones? Which would be?

For me, most people who put themselves that way, consciously or not, aim to remain on the fence. Thus, in the illusory consolation that comes from the comfort zone, they end up making a huge amount of comments that do nothing to contribute to this challenging moment that we are experiencing.

I am not in favor of many of the solutions and proposals created and put into practice by this government. It turns out that, instead of waiting for him to represent me in my anxieties and expectations, I chose to represent myself using respect and understanding in the face of this unique situation that we currently experience.

Do you know why I made that decision? Because the power is with me; I am the boss and they are my employees, as someone recently said, and I wholeheartedly agree. We don’t need to be conniving with what doesn’t go well in our social universe. But wait a minute: when did everything go well? When, in our nation, and expanding a little more, when in the world were things adjusted to the common good, without harming anyone?

I am a spiritist and I will allow myself to present question 932 of The Spirits’ Book, in which Allan Kardec asks: “Why, in the world, is it often the case that the influence of the bad ones outweighs that of the good ones?”. The spirits replied: “Because of the weakness of the good, evil stands out. The bad ones are scheming and bold, and the good ones are shy. When good wishes, it will dominate”.

I can also say that many who call themselves “good” waste time proselytizing, which does nothing to resolve the issues that make us unhappy as a nation.

The picture we are experiencing today in our country and in the world goes far beyond what is exposed, for example, in the media, which supports the “Matrix” in which we are inserted. We are in the midst of a struggle between good and evil, between what is in tune with the laws that govern life and what goes against it.

Light and shadow are at war in the extraphysical surroundings of our planetary home. The representatives of evil and crime in the astral world are in full battle for power, in a hallucinatory way, in the face of the evident ruin and collapse of their empire.

The government that represents me is the “government of light”, which has not yet fully manifested itself among us, but it will. Do you know when this will start to happen? When the light that exists in me joins the light that exists in you and in the millions of Brazilians who yearn for better days.

It’s time for us to come together, union without merger, and do our best! This is not the time to fight for parties, candidates X or Y, as these already have their futures outlined by their own conduct, and the infallible judge called “conscience” will establish the appropriate sentence – she is incorruptible, my friends.

It’s time to fight for the implantation of noble values, for the common good. Therefore, our weapons are prayer, a radical change of attitude, a better level of thinking, positive intervention in the social environment, and restoration of health in our affective, family, and professional relationships, among other actions.

As you can see, we have a lot to do. If we get lost in the distractions created by agents of the shadows and sustained by our lack of foresight, we will succumb to discouragement, violence, and frustration.

It is time to break this toxic web, this egregore of hate, violence, and power struggle that is on all of us, without exception. The fight is against the spiritual leaders of darkness and their cores of evil in erraticity. As for the rest, my friend, it’s like Emmanuel once said to Chico Xavier:

“That too shall pass.”

Marcos Leão is vice president of the Order of Guardians of Humanity, where he is one of the instructors. Medium, author of the book Você com você, deep knowledge of spiritual works, and co-founder of UniSpiritus alongside Robson Pinheiro, where he has carried out mediumistic and social activities since 1992.

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