Over the past year, the pandemic has forced us to rethink everything. Many struggled to figure out how—and even if—they could move forward. We hear about the “return to normal”, which then gives way to the so-called “new normal” until we simply understand that we are living amid “uncertainty”.

We all know hardworking people who couldn’t stand up at that moment – and through no fault of their own, of course. But, on the other hand, we also met sensitive and visionary people, who understood humanity’s yearnings: planet Earth has never needed so much shelter and healing.

This period has been defined by uncertainty. And the accelerated pace of the need for adaptation has been unprecedented, often causing mental disorganization, which culminates, among other things, in physical disorders.

The fact is that every day, more and more people need to resort to the help of a therapist who can offer resources to alleviate their complaints.

We have even seen in the media that even health professionals on the front lines of the pandemic are succumbing, in need of complementary therapeutic assistance. Studies point out that the pandemic affected the mental health of the general population, including those who were not contaminated.

On the other hand, seeing yourself as useful in this time of crisis has helped many people weather the storm. By embracing the idea of ​​becoming a therapist, making therapy their main or complementary profession, such individuals began to recover financially and even found ways to grow and, without a guilty conscience, to prosper, while extending a hand to those who need help.

This is a smart way to welcome and heal humanity.

Now, in a year of economic and social turmoil, we know it can be hard to imagine anyone undertaking such an effort. Indeed, budgets are tight.

For many, the idea of ​​being a therapist is seen as an interesting project, but unnecessary, as it requires dedication and financial investment.

That is why, over the last year, we have partnered with professionals who have embraced the proposal of the Integrative Therapy and Psychobioenergetic course as a process of adding essential value, achievable by everyone who understands the real value of investing in becoming a therapist.

Let’s explain:

Have you checked on the internet how much it costs to attend a GOOD TRAINING in hypnosis, NLP, magnetism, or psychobioenergetic?

Maybe you don’t know, but a weekend course, in any of the subjects mentioned, won’t cost less than 4 or 5 thousand reais. By joining the four areas of knowledge in a single course, your investment would possibly exceed 12 thousand reais.

The Robson Pinheiro Institute believes that it is necessary to undertake on behalf of humanity and teach humanity to undertake it as well.

Stop to think: how much does a good therapist, with solid training, charge for their consultation? Did he think?

There is still time to undertake the crisis and invest in your future.

Instituto Robson Pinheiro

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