The universe is ONE

Planetary healing starts from the inside out. By dedicating ourselves to the process of self-transformation, we immediately contribute to the transformation of humanity. After all, where does humanity begin? In the individual, in me, in you.

We can only give what we have, right? It is only possible to offer love if we love ourselves and others. We can only help others to be happy if we are happy. Many want to contribute to peace on Earth but don’t know how to find peace within their own families. So, while there’s nothing to offer, don’t fall into the trap of wanting to save the world, try to save yourself!

Look at the pains that inhabit you. This is the first and most important step in transforming humanity. Treat the existing ignorance in you and then spread knowledge. As long as you don’t light up the shadow that inhabits you, all attempts will be the result of a reaction that only magnifies the problem and keeps you trapped in the Matrix of life. 

When you begin to make progress in the work of transforming your inner nature, you will begin your training to fight the outer shadows and develop your ability to put on the Armor of God.

Reflect with me:

  • Do you want to turn your pain into joy?
  • Your shadow into light?
  • Do you want to go beyond the war that exists in your relationships?
  • Want to make this world a better place?

If the answer is YES, dive deep within yourself to find the contradictions that inhabit you. Try to identify the anguish, the repetitive dissatisfactions, the deliberate desire for things and people that only slow you down, that prevent you from leaving your comfort zone towards achieving your goal.

The big question that remains is: HOW TO DO ALL THIS?

  • How to face all problems assuming who you truly are, without masks, without carrying the weight of meeting expectations that are not yours?
  • How to discover your mission and fill the existential void?
  • How to be happy in a genuine, real way?
  • How to become an effective warrior in the work of good and light?
  • What to do to accomplish all this? 

If you expect the answer to be a “magic formula” that will teach you how to solve the problems that you have not been able to solve in all these years of adult life, it is better to deceive yourself elsewhere…

What I have to offer you is a CONCRETE PROPOSAL, tangible, but one that requires effort, dedication, and investment. Things won’t happen overnight, there won’t be miracles. You will think about giving up before reaching the end, however, the whole process will help in a solid, definite, and definitive way those who feel ready to answer the call.

I will be with you at every stage of this transformation, as well as my entire team, my partners, and the spirits that endorse the Guardians of Humanity’s work.

“Alone we can go fast, but together we can go much further.”

It is with this objective in mind that we promote actions to achieve the purpose of the Guardians of Humanity:
Transform humanity based on the transformation of the individual.

Now, take a few minutes, think about everything you read above, and honestly answer the question:

– Are you really WILLING to FACE YOURSELF in the process of self-knowledge and transformation that we call cosmic initiation, here, in the Collegiate?

So let’s go together!

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I wait for you on the other side,

Robson Pinheiro | In the Service of the Guardians

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