Due to the great repercussion on the interview given by Robson Pinheiro to the extraterrestrial Shellyanna , through the mediumship of Dr. Mônica de Medeiros, since then we have received several opinions, criticisms and praise, showing a great gap on the subject of extraterrestrial life. As the vast majority of criticisms came from spiritists, we brought in this article, to the surprise of many, the vision of Kardec, Chico and other avatars of spiritism regarding this topic. All sources are cited in the article. Follow until the end with me!

The spirits claim that all orbs have their civilization, in different stages of evolution. Under this approach, we can say that the Solar System is a laboratory rich in quantity and variety of species, and the earthling human is just one of them. Thus, didactically, each planet constitutes a true school or workshop, where the intelligent principle of creation, or spirit, has the opportunity to discover itself as a collaborator in the work of God.

“Unimaginable desert stretches beyond the stars. There, in conditions different from those on your planet, new worlds are revealed and unfold in forms of life that your conceptions cannot imagine, nor your studies, prove.”

(Allan Kardec, in the book The Genesis )

By 1858, Kardec was already referring to the existence of intelligent life in other inhabited worlds, including interviews conducted through the evocation of beings from other homes. What causes strangeness is the difficulty that followers of spiritism, for the most part, have in understanding this reality. Stranger still is every reaction against the manifestation of brothers from other homes in our environment through mediums, for example, through psychophony. According to spiritism, the existing communications between man on Earth and inhabitants of other planets can be made through mediums who receive messages through psychophony or through psychographics from spirits who are in communication with extraterrestrials.

In addition to the interview quoted at the beginning of this article, we had another episode of contact with extraterrestrials through mediumship, I quote – the interview with Goulan, through Robson Pinheiro; – Both episodes, as well as the repercussion, made me go into the field looking for some material that could shed more light on the subject. And it was not at all surprising to find in Allan Kardec’s research a very rich content, which I present below, for reading, study and reflection, to those who wish to go beyond what people say and everything else. The texts appear in the Spiritist Magazine. This periodical, with the function of spreading the spiritist doctrine, was launched by Allan Kardec with his own resources, on January 1, 1858, in Paris. Kardec was the director of the magazine until his death, on March 31, 1869. He used it to develop and debate ideas that would be, after being consolidated, many of them transferred to the books of the Spiritist Codification. After Kardec’s death, the magazine suffered several interruptions in its publication and distribution. On the occasion of the World Spiritist Congress, in Cartagena, Colombia, in October 2007, all property rights of the magazine were acquired by (CSI), and nowadays it is published in French, Esperanto, Spanish, English, Polish and Russian. I dare say that the 12 volumes of this incredible magazine (1858 to 1869), are almost unknown by the majority of current spiritists.

It is also important to point out that it was not only Kardec who was interested in the subject. Before him, Margaret Fox , one of the Fox sisters who gave birth to Spiritualism in America, had mentioned the subject. In Brazil, several mediums dealt with the extraterrestrial theme. Chico Xavier , for example, psychographed Cartas de uma morte, by the spirit of his mother, Maria João de Deus, whose story takes place on Mars; and Crônicas de Além-tumulo, by the spirit Humberto de Campos, which narrates, in chapter 24, a meeting attended by elders of the society of Mars, scholars of Saturn, scientists and apostles of Jupiter and other representatives of the life of our System Solar. The book On the way to the Light, by Emmanuel, which reveals how extraterrestrials, coming from different worlds in the Constellation of the Coachman, arrived on Earth and mixed with the inhabitants of the planet, driving their evolution.

In turn, Hercílio Maes received, from the spirit Ramatis, the work A vida no planeta Marte. In it, Ramatis explains that the Martian does not have the same substantial characteristics as the Earthling, because, despite having the same shape, it vibrates on a more energetic plane than a material one; your world is located in a vibratory field adequate to your physical body, that is, it is less material than ours. Recently, the spirits of Ângelo Inácio and Júlio Verne, through the psychography of the medium Robson Pinheiro, proposed a broader study on the subject with the books The Nephilins and Os Abduzidos, published by Casa dos Espíritos Editora.

Let’s go to Allan Kardec’s texts on the subject! I’m sure that, like me, you will be enchanted by reading:

The plurality of inhabited worlds

“ If we had never seen a fish, we could not conceive of a being living in water; we wouldn’t have the slightest idea of ​​its structure… Why then not admit that other forms of life can live on other planets, in an environment different from ours? We have been able to observe, so far, that beings like us do not live on the Moon, but as we are not aware of its structures, we cannot say with certainty whether or not other types of life exist on it.


Through simple reasoning, we were able to arrive, like many before us, at a conclusion favorable to the plurality of worlds. Such reasoning is confirmed by the revelations of the spirits, which tell us that the worlds are inhabited by beings that may be more or less evolved than us… And, even more, today we know that it is possible to get in contact with them and obtain clarification about their state. Thus, everything is populated in the universe. Solid planets, the air, the bowels of the Earth and even the ethereal depths.”

Spiritist Magazine, March 1868, p. 65, 66, 67) 

“According to the spirits, the planet Mars would be even less advanced than the Earth. The spirits incarnated there seem to belong almost exclusively to the ninth class, that of impure spirits […]. Several other small globes are, with some nuances, in the same category. Earth would follow; the majority of its inhabitants unquestionably belong to all classes of the third order; and a much smaller part, to the last classes of the second order. The superior spirits, those of the second and third classes, sometimes fulfill missions of civilization and progress here, but they are exceptions. Mercury and Saturn come after Earth. The numerical superiority of good spirits gives them preponderance over inferior spirits, which results in a more perfect social order, less selfish relationships and, consequently, happier living conditions. The Moon and Venus are about the same degree and in all respects more advanced than Mercury and Saturn. Juno 18 and Uranus would be even superior to the latter. It can be assumed that the moral elements of these two planets are formed from the first classes of the third order and, for the most part, from spirits of the second order. Men are infinitely happier there than on Earth, because they do not have to sustain the same struggles or suffer the same tribulations, just as they are not exposed to the same physical and moral vicissitudes.” It can be assumed that the moral elements of these two planets are formed from the first classes of the third order and, for the most part, from spirits of the second order. Men are infinitely happier there than on Earth, because they do not have to sustain the same struggles or suffer the same tribulations, just as they are not exposed to the same physical and moral vicissitudes.” It can be assumed that the moral elements of these two planets are formed from the first classes of the third order and, for the most part, from spirits of the second order. Men are infinitely happier there than on Earth, because they do not have to sustain the same struggles or suffer the same tribulations, just as they are not exposed to the same physical and moral vicissitudes.”

Spiritist Magazine, March 1858, p. 116)

Cosmic Civilizations and their different inhabitants

Several articles were published in the Spiritist Magazine describing the reality of life of extraterrestrials who provided information, including customs, housing, food and means of transportation and communication. For example, about the planet Jupiter and its inhabitants, there is information regarding their physical conformation, which is almost equal to ours, however, the density of their bodies is so small that it can be compared to that of our imponderable fluids, having a vaporous aspect, immaterial and luminous, especially in the contours of the face and head. This magnetic glow is similar to that which artists have symbolized in the halo of saints. The man from Jupiter is big – bigger than the earthling –, his development is fast, and his childhood lasts only a few months. His lifespan equals five of our centuries. They also talk about locomotion, which is easy and achieved by effort of will, because, as the density of the Jupiterian body is little greater than atmospheric, it easily frees itself from planetary attraction. As we walk here, they glide across the surface with the ease of a bird in the air.

A young man of letters and medium named Victorien Sardou, a contemporary of Allan Kardec, had the opportunity to draw scenes depicting dwellings, residents and everyday scenes of civilization on that planet. He was guided by the spirit Bernard Palissy – who was born in Lacapelle-Biron, France, in 1510, and died in the Bastille, in Paris, in 1590; therefore he dwelt on Earth, where he was a potter. After his death, Palissy migrated and became an inhabitant of Jupiter, according to Allan Kardec himself. The most curious thing about all of this was that he didn’t stop at just drawing, but also spoke and explained that the planet’s atmosphere is different from Earth’s. According to Palissy, the planet’s water is more ethereal, more like steam, and matter almost doesn’t exist as we know it. Some plants resemble ours, and there are flowers with such a delicate texture that they are almost transparent. With regard to housing, he said that the material from which the houses of Jupiter are built melts under the pressure of human fingers, as if it were snow, and that it is one of the most resistant materials in the place. He even brought details on how the panes are made of liquid and colored glass, which hardens when in contact with air. Can you imagine all this, guys? Which, because they are light, are transportable anywhere on the planet… Still according to him, during certain times of the year, the sky is obscured by a cloud of “houses” that come from all over the place. It is an uninterrupted passage of houses of various shapes, colors and sizes. Only when the season ends is the sky free of these curious birds. The Jupiterians communicate by telepathy, but they also use articulate language when in contact with beings from other orbs. The second view, or clairvoyance, is permanent. Their routine state can be compared to that of a “lucid sleepwalker”, and that is why they can communicate with us with greater ease than inhabitants of thicker and more material worlds.

Allan Kardec evokes extraterrestrials to answer questions

Next, we highlight the themes of the questions asked by Allan Kardec to the spirit of Bernard Palissy, through the method of evocation, through the mediumship of Victorien Sardou. The texts of the complete study are in the first volume of the Spiritist Magazine ( year I, 1858, FEB ) available for free download on the FEB website. The content can be found in the March, April and August editions of this first volume, according to the following themes:

  • March :
    • – Plurality of worlds (p. 109);
    • – Jupiter and some other worlds (p. 112).
  • April :
    • – Description of Jupiter (p. 171);
  • August :
    • – Dwellings of the planet Jupiter (p. 347). 

Kardec asks several questions to the spirit Bernard Palissy about life on Jupiter, the planet’s physical composition, inhabitants, animals, moral state, among others. We recommend reading the parts indicated above to fully understand the dialogue. 

For further studies on extraterrestrial life, planetary transition, mediumship and related subjects, we suggest reading the works of Robson Pinheiro, Mônica de Medeiros, André Luiz Ruiz, Pedro de Campos, CR Wells and other authors.

There is still a huge building to be built. Deepen your knowledge of these and other topics in the monthly studies of the Guardians of Humanity Program. Come and be part of this group that grows worldwide. Go to the course page and enroll here!

Justice and peace!

Marcos Leão

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