Dear Collegiate friends, I am absolutely thrilled to write this short article to share with you an idea that has been pulsing within me. There were a few weeks of “inner latency” until, in the silence of a night at work, after the whole family had already given in to a nocturnal swoon, one word flowed like crystalline water inside me: exoconsciousness.

Immediately, it was as if I simultaneously accessed all the consequences and transcendental developments that the power of such a simple idea is capable of provoking. And what impressed me the most was realizing how all the work we have been doing through the Circle and the Guardians of Humanity converges towards this end.

I was even more surprised when, when I searched for the term, almost no relevant result in Portuguese was presented to me by the “lord of all answers, Mr. Google”. Even in the English language, I have the impression that only Dr. Rebecca Hardcastle, Ph.D., accessed this same idea in the “cloud”.

Exo comes from the Greek and refers to what is external, what is outside. When ufologists began to discuss exopolitics, for example, what was on the agenda was human politics-oriented away from planet Earth. That is, if foreign policy guides the agenda of international relations – between the countries of the globe –, exopolitics come to think about how the entire globe will relate to other “globes” in the universe.

Apparently inspired by coining the term exoconsciousness, Dr. Hardcastle was to establish “the study of extraterrestrial dimensions of human consciousness: origin, dimensions, talents, and abilities of human consciousness that connect us directly with the cosmos and its inhabitants”. This first concept, created by the American researcher, is exciting, to say the least. Above all, there is a great split in the ufological movement between the so-called Casuistic Ufology and the Spiritualist (or esoteric) Ufology, a separation that has always seemed to me a great nonsense.

At the last congress I attended, organized by a national magazine specialized in ufology, in 2017, in Porto Alegre, I defended an idea that curiously was in perfect harmony with Dr. Monica de Medeiros at the same congress (without us talking in advance). I called this idea the Indivisible Completeness of Ufology, and later I realized that for the same concept, Dr. Mônica named it Integral Ufology (surprisingly!). With a notably Kardekian inspiration, what we illustrate is as simple as this: for ufology (that is, the study of unidentified flying objects that manifest themselves in the Earth’s atmosphere) to advance it is necessary to consider that the first cause of manifestations extends to other domains, far beyond current human knowledge and the visible reality that surrounds us. If the scientific, spiritual, and philosophical aspects of the phenomenon and its reality/cause walk together in the search for the truth that contains them, we will be happy and more easily achieve success in our research. Not because such aspects are complementary; it’s not just about that. They are one, indivisible thing.

When science unveils the modus operandi of non-physical reality, commonly called spiritual, the latter will definitively leave the supernatural and fantasy domains, becoming natural and scientific. This is because such a division only serves us, and demonstrates some usefulness, in the pedagogical scope.

We separate things to fulfill a learning agenda.

Apart from that, the division is as imaginary as the borders of the countries of the globe. The phenomenon, like the reality that surrounds us, is an integral whole. There is no casuistry without a spiritual connection. There is no spirituality without philosophical consequences. That simple.

Exoconsciousness postulates that human beings have an innate ability, through consciousness, to connect, communicate and co-create with the extraterrestrial multidimensional presence.

Furthermore, exoconsciousness assumes that human beings: a) consist of a seeded and genetically modified race (particles and beings); b) have innate multidimensional minds connected to a universal field of consciousness; and c) have innate psychic abilities to alter matter and travel beyond the limits of space and time. Exoconsciousness focuses on humans, who, like extraterrestrials, have advanced abilities originating in consciousness. With immediate contact, they move through a gradual awakening of ego, soul and spirit to recognize, integrate and apply the extraterrestrial origins, dimensions, and abilities of human consciousness, becoming exoconscious human beings.

If mental/mediumistic contact with cosmic beings causes strangeness and raises suspicions of spiritist orthodoxy, the ufological movement does not seem to understand the nature and operation of such communications either.

Ufology, in general, always expects an official public contact, in which all people can see and witness live the dialogue with extraterrestrial beings. But, in practice, it seems not to be this (or only this) strategy adopted by the beings that have visited terrestrial civilizations. This was a clarification from the survey “In the Midst of us”, which had almost 700 responding mediums from all over Brazil. The research comes at a very opportune moment when it is necessary to understand how contact has been made, the communication processes of these beings commonly known as extraterrestrials, and how all this seems to fit into the Planetary Transition project, foreshadowed by different philosophical and spiritualist currents, among which stands out the mediumistic work of Francisco Cândido Xavier.

For me, exoconsciousness is the beginning and end, the cause and effect of the UFO phenomenon. It is because of her that the phenomenon happens and it is for her that it converges. Whether from a casuistic or a spiritual point of view, the term “ufology” no longer encompasses everything we need to reflect on the issue. Its obsolescence is more than decreed. Therefore, I recommend that we begin to think about matter in terms of exoconsciousness.

I do not intend to exhaust the theme in this article, but rather to launch a proposal for discussion and reflection to all those interested and involved with this agenda.

I end my conversation with you with a thought gleaned from the work of one of the greatest supporters of the work of Pozati Filmes, someone who, due to his manifest knowledge, we recognize as a great master and mentor of our cause, our home, our work and our movement: “In fact, none of this seems absurd to us, unless we want to impose our limitations on the infinite richness of universal reality.”

         General Alfredo Moacyr

Big hug!

Juliano Pozati

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