We live in difficult times…

The world is going through decisive moments, in which everything and everyone is being put in check. There is no longer any way to say with certainty that what we have built until today will remain. Whatever side of life we ​​are on, the natural transformations of a world in constant renewal will reach us. Better that way, I say, because there is no way to live without something encouraging us to change. And once again here, where I am, or on Earth, we will need that divine encouragement.

Once, talking to a friend, he exclaimed: “Wow, Calunga, what a thing, boy! So, who would say, you are adept at this wave of catastrophic pessimism that surrounds our lives? Yes, because not a day goes by that we don’t hear that the end is near and that we run the risk of not surviving for more than a few more years. Read the prophecies, those of João Evangelista, those of the Incas, those of the Mayans, those of who knows who. I tell you, in all sincerity, that I can’t stand so much emotional terrorism anymore. I don’t even know if I leave the house anymore, because an asteroid might think of falling right on top of my head. The water is at an end; where it was cold is no longer. Earthquakes, seaquakes, volcanoes, rains that look more like a biblical deluge… and then there’s a drought. Look, my people: the way things are going, only God can get us out of this cold!”.

Yeah, my friend, so it’s me, Calunga, the knight of the apocalypse, isn’t it? See, you yourself cited several tragedies that would make any disaster movie director from the land of Uncle Sam envious. But, leaving exaggeration aside, they are indeed moments, as I started our conversation, that asks for more attention from all of us. Daily, we are shaken by true tragedies announced, which are incorporated into our day-to-day, whether in social, political, or scientific issues. Startled, we move on, some still not understanding that it is no longer possible to simply wake up and do what was usually done until recently.

Again, don’t understand me as someone who just wants to add color to a scenario of pain and torment. No! I just wish that all of us, in humanity, start doing something concrete, even if belatedly, in my view. God wants to be our partner! I think these are ways the creator is using to wake us up to the very chaos that we have created and are sustaining.

Now I want to speak especially to those who think they are spiritual:

When are you going to wake up and do something concrete? — yea, you who say you represent the promised comforter. It’s time, people, to stop wanting to be a medium and act in a more practical way. Enough of these encounters with lots of food and little action. Talking about mediumship, reincarnation, obsession, and everything else, and six o’clock soap opera already speaks. So, it only remains to pick on others who are trying to do something useful. To make this inconsistency official, the flag of doctrinal purity and unification is raised, which means nothing more than praying according to the booklet of those who claim to have the truth. My people, a kingdom divided by itself are already defeated and, without strength, nothing good can be done. I mean, screwed up! I want to see when the leaders, owners of spiritist centers, arrive here with their difficult words,

Well, the message is given.

So that you have an idea of ​​the special moment we live, here, where I, Calunga, live, not a day goes by that we don’t receive visits from spirits from different areas to empower us in a special way. There are so many specialties that today, here, in the spiritual city, there is no longer an individual with a function and a condition of assistance only. We are being trained to perform multiple actions, mainly so that, in critical moments, we can be more efficient. These true anonymous benefactors come to us in such a way as to make us understand that whoever did the damage, fix it. There is no excuse that I am so-and-so, or I am the son of so-and-so, or, even, I am a public servant, I did this or that on Earth, therefore, I have privileges. Here, or if you are willing to carry out the tasks or excuse me,

Some may find the way I speak here strange; “this is not the Calunga I know”. However, who can guarantee that someone truly knows me, right? But don’t worry, I’m not some kind of undercover agent who wants to promote more confusion than what we’re all experiencing. I’m just an optimistic spirit, who believes in the workforce of our human race and who, in my way, contributes to making things more appropriate to the conditions of our understanding. And, you see, I said I contribute, I didn’t say I try. For many, this may sound like arrogance and pride. But, my dear ones, I believe in what I do and I have already overcome this disease of false modesty a long time ago. Like it or not, using popular language, I guarantee myself. And you?

Calunga spirit

Psychography of the medium Marcos Leão

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