My dear friends from the Guardians of Humanity Program, the talk is straightforward: whoever lives in the past is a museum! – and look there, since the ones from Brazil burn with some ease… Acidity aside, I say that, when producing the documentary QUANDO LEMBRO DE CHICO, we, at Pozati Filmes, never wanted to show the conventional blasé nostalgia of institutional spiritism, which resembles missing the times when he witnessed the historic manifestation of the man elected as the greatest Brazilian of all time. 

We recognize in Chico Xavier a viable example for all beings who will share the World of Regeneration. As we look back, with close friends, we wanted a film that would lead our audience around the world to look forward, discovering its leading role in building the new era. 

Chico Xavier’s work and his historical testimony in the 1971 program “Pinga-Fogo” point to a magnificent future, which gives signs and contractions in the proximity of his birth. Of course, my friends, every birth hurts. Being born requires courage! We live in distressing times, where our worst shadows are brought to light. However, the global expectation created by the documentary Data Limite, according to Chico Xavier, is no coincidence. “Everyone in the world knows, somehow, that there is something wrong with the system ” – declared the anthropologist Michael Tellinger in the documentary Among Us. But “ there are signs of hope ”, concluded Paul Hellyer, former Minister of Defense of Canada, in an interview for Pozati Filmes. If we are capable of overcoming our fears and guilt, opening ourselves completely to the tune and connection with the higher planes, we will be that hope. That’s where MEDIUNITY comes in at the end of time. 

At this historic moment, we are called to the practice of spirituality from the mediumistic relationship with beings committed to our evolution. This spirituality leads us to the blossoming of our identity, since the discovery of the spirit is the discovery of oneself, as Dr. Sergio Felipe de Oliveira. Human beings aware of their identity safely walk the path of overcoming pain and evolution in the context in which they are inserted, exercising their citizenship with balance and maturity in the expression of their rights and duties. Indeed, MEDIUMNESS cannot be synonymous with media scandals; mediumship is evolution. Spirituality cannot be blasé; spirituality is revolution.

Very different from that. What is happening was predicted by the prophet Joel: “In the last days, says the Lord, I will pour out of my Spirit on all peoples, your sons, and your daughters will prophesy, young people will see visions, old people will dream dreams. On my servants and my handmaidens, I will pour out my Spirit in those days, and they will prophesy.”[1]

To look at Chico Xavier is to consciously position ourselves in the historical moment in which we live, assuming our responsibility and our role in the face of the transformations that are before us. Chico testified with his life and his work the viability of the Gospel of Jesus, a constitutional manifesto that will guide and underpin the new era.

“The effervescence that sometimes manifests itself in an entire population, among men of the same race, is not something fortuitous, nor the result of a whim; it has its cause in the laws of nature. This effervescence, unconscious at first, nothing more than a vague desire, an undefined aspiration for something better, a certain need for change, translates into a quiet agitation, then into acts that lead to social revolutions, which, believe me, they also have their periodicity, like physical revolutions, since everything is linked. If you didn’t have your spiritual vision limited by the veil of matter, you would see the fluidic currents that, like thousands of conductive threads, connect the things of the spiritual world to those of the material world. When you are told that humanity has reached a period of transformation and that the Earth has to rise in the hierarchy of the worlds, do not see anything mystical in these words; see, on the contrary, the execution of one of the great fatal laws of the Universe, against which all human ill will breaks. ” ARAG. [two]

I’m a new-time enthusiast. That is why we incarnated at this moment in human history: to recognize, in Chico and all the effervescence of the new that swarms across the planet, the cosmic movement of the ascension of our orb, in compliance with universal laws, capable of “breaking all human ill will. ”, as Arago well said.

Here’s my invitation: get inspired by Chico! This man is far from being a piece of wax in the Museum of Mediumship. On the contrary, he is the prototype citizen of the future that is born before us!

Big hug!

Always ahead! That this is the most important thing! 

Juliano Pozati

[1] Acts 2, 17-18.

[2] Kardec, Alan. The genesis of miracles and predictions according to spiritism. Predictions According to Spiritism, Chapter XVIII – The times have arrived; Signs of the times.

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