We are experiencing challenging times in the world, particularly in our country. At all times, news reaches us instantly that makes the insecurity and uncertainty of a promising future grow even more. With each individual or collective tragedy, the vast majority ask themselves: is it worth continuing to insist? Are we really living in the end times? Are these the final moments of the human race on Earth?

In situations like these, some important reflections from the point of view of essence and spirituality are worthwhile. I start from the assumption that whoever is reading this article has an understanding of life as something much greater than these brief moments that we spend here, in this earthly society, and that we are much more than this organic format, fragile and susceptible to the weather. from nature. Understanding our unique and immortal essence makes it possible for us to fly higher and see in a more altruistic way all these situations that mark our earthly society so profoundly and drastically.

Still in the shock of the rupture of the dam in Brumadinho, in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte (recently, it was 6 months since the tragedy), I tried to free myself from the anguishing weight that oppresses my heart. I wonder where such constriction comes from and why, at certain times, I feel it grow and become even more distressing… Where does it come from? Why so intense?

I have the habit, in similar moments, of always trying to see and feel myself as a transcendent being. Not the “Matter Marcos”, but the essence in which Marcos is currently and in which, in other times, José, and Maria, among other temporary physical garments were. I am a traveler, an eternal spirit. It may seem unimportant, but for me, it makes perfect sense, it expands even more my possibilities of understanding and, above all, of acting.

In the present case, where I see pain and destruction, I try to help as much as I can. And why do I say this? Simple: from the moment I propose to deal not with what just perished, but with the essence – which survives –, I become more comfortable and lucid to act in favor of good. Did you understand? No? Let me explain: we are immortal beings interning between one and another physical reality! The lived experiences, whatever they may be, never have the function of punishing, but rather redirecting the individual route and, consequently, the collective one.

Here, please, the words “right or wrong” do not fit with your characteristics of understanding. If that happens, horizons will narrow and will be filled with many concepts that limit our ability to understand and intervene positively. Let’s continue: we are composed of energy, the same that gives the condition of existence to both the largest and smallest stars that make up the universe.

We can say, then, that we are composed of star dust. We are the intelligent principle of creation, according to spiritual guides, endowed with the ability to co-create in an increasingly broader way, from the moment we so desire, step by step, day by day, from experience to experience. Our thought is life and starts to compose the whole reality around us and in ourselves and, according to the intensity and continuity, constitutes what experimenters and spiritualist scholars call egregore.

What is it? Where I can buy it? Is it to eat or wear? None of that, folks! Egrégora is a mental and astral form created and maintained by persistent and continuous thoughts and feelings, something that acquires life and feeds on its source of origin, namely, the spirit, the thinking being, that is us. It becomes almost a kind of autonomous entity, as I said above, strengthened by the persistence and intensity of emotional and mental currents, which can be individual or collective, coming from the physical world or the spiritual world.

I can say that there are positive egregores that protect, even attracting good energies and, consequently, removing negative charges. Places or groups of people who gather in a happy, participatory way, aiming at building better days will certainly have around them an egregore compatible with the vibrational level of their emotions and thoughts, even starting to enjoy the salutary influence. Examples are the sacred places of prayer, such as Aparecida do Norte, among others, with egregores formed and nourished by the faith of the devotees, where, when someone manages to channel the psychic energies accumulated there, the well-known miracle occurs.

Now, please, imagine the egregore that, at this moment, dominates the regions where the waste and the mud took away physical lives and dreams. Try to feel the intensity of the energy that is over that area right now. In this particular situation, the egregore is dense and heavy, as it is under the influence of loss, pain, and tragedy.

The physical environment modified in its natural beauty and equaled to the intensity of destruction mainly makes it impossible for those who feel the pain “of the now” to free themselves from such an energetic and spiritual ambiance, which only makes the pain and suffering increase. The inability to draw strength to fight will fix him in pain, which will seem eternal, whether he is in the physical dimension, strengthening even more this environment of death and destruction, or whether he is already in the astral dimension.

What to do to change it? How to change this energetic reality? I say it’s pretty simple. We are first what we think we are and then what we feel and how we act in life. This is the key that opens the doors to the changes we so desire.

Feelings of loss and desolation will be present, but it is important that we make efforts to transform them into constructive indignation, so that not only our thoughts and emotions guide us towards more constructive solutions, but also our way of behaving in the face of such painful situations. This is the time to help those who, in the physical and extraphysical dimensions, are in constant work in favor of good, even helping, perhaps without knowing that this changes the egregore of pain.

The mind is the limit of our possibilities; we can be whatever the mind determines us to be. We are first what we think we are and then what we feel. This understanding is what makes it possible to change this egregore of grief and sadness that hangs over all of us right now. Note how important it is to pay attention to our thoughts and actions so as not to generate energies that could contribute to increasing chaos. The greatest of the avatars that were here, on Earth, said in a loud and clear voice: “You are the light of the world”. Therefore, let us make the lights of good shine, dismantling the egregore of sadness, opening new horizons, much more harmonious than the current ones.

Marcos Leão is vice president of the Order of Guardians of Humanity, where he is one of the instructors. Medium, author of the book  Você com você, deep knowledge of spiritual works, and co-founder of UniSpiritus alongside Robson Pinheiro, where he has carried out mediumistic and social activities since 1992.

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