Have you ever been called that?

I love being called crazy. Do you know why?
Because it means I’m on the right path.

Crazy is not the one who does crazy.
Crazy is who goes out of the conventional.
It’s who goes out of the pattern.
It is who breaks the barriers of what is already established.
It’s who encourages other people to question the status quo.
It’s who can make people see a horizon of infinite possibilities.
It’s who thinks and acts differently.
I’m a big freak and I’m not alone!
If you ask the agents affiliated with the Guardians of Humanity Program, most of them will say that they are also crazy and that, together, we form a different group, whose objective is
to transform humanity through individual transformation.

All of them have also been called crazy at least once while making significant changes in their lives, in the centers they attend, in the community where they work, and even by family members.
It is true that, after attending classes and receiving the necessary training, it is possible to transform your reality and stand out in the world, where the majority have not yet awakened to spiritual values ​​and are just surviving, which is very different from living with fulfillment = (perform/action).
We are agents of the higher guardians and we act differently from the mass. For that very reason, being called “crazy” has become a compliment for us.

Are you also called crazy? Do you consider yourself a fish out of water?

It’s time for you to know everything about the Collegiate of Guardians of Humanity and join the group of agents, which is achieving excellent results.

Small but continuous steps lead us to great journeys toward discovery.

Nobody accomplishes anything alone, so we need the right people to make things happen.

To connect with the right people, we need to expose ourselves.
Especially because the “right people” need to know that we exist, to also consider us the “right people” in their view.
Those who don’t expose themselves don’t connect.
Those who don’t connect don’t accomplish anything.
That’s why we need the right people: to make it happen!

This goes for everything in life…
It goes for anyone who is already involved in some spiritual activity but is looking to improve their results and expand their awareness…
It goes for those who want to start a transformation and still don’t know how…
It goes for anyone who wants to be considered crazy …
It goes for every human being who wants to accomplish something.

And what’s the best way to expose yourself?

  1. Privilege environments with a greater probability of finding the right people, with the same goals and similar mindset
  2. It’s not enough to attend from time to time; Gotta have consistency! Connections come from relationships, and relationships don’t come overnight.
  3. Participate in online and offline experiences, so that there is energetic and mental resonance between group members.

How do I find an environment that meets these conditions?

In the Guardians of Humanity Program! You will have access to an exclusive online course, with content taught directly by me, Robson Pinheiro, in which I present the topics I learn unfolding directly with the superior guardians, as well as unpublished content taught by our partners.

Anyone who joins the Collegiate online earns the right to participate in face-to-face groups to exchange experiences with agents in their region.

In addition, the affiliate acquires with priority their participation in the World Meeting, one of the biggest spirituality events in Brazil, which takes place annually and is a milestone in our lives.

Come with us to transform humanity, come with us to transform yourself.

Join the crazy ones!

Click and join the Guardians of Humanity

by Robson Pinheiro

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