“The Scientific Revolution and Human Evolution: Exploring New Dimensions of Science.”

The 2023 World Summit promises to be an exciting and meaningful event, raising important questions about the scientific revolution and human evolution. It is crucial that science and spirituality work together to ensure that scientific discoveries are used for the well-being of humanity and the planet.

As in all previous editions, our event will provide an immersive and sensorial experience that will increase the awareness of the participants. However, in this edition, we want to go beyond lectures and artistic presentations. Our great differential will be the active participation of the participants, putting them into action to create innovative solutions and ideas. It’s as if the spotlights were on the stage of the action, where the main role belongs to the public.

With the participation of great thinkers, scientists, and experts, this event will be a unique opportunity to discuss the implications of scientific transformations in our lives and reflect on our purpose as human beings. It will also be a space to share ideas and solutions for the challenges we will face in the near future.

It is important to remember that technology and science are powerful tools that can be used both for good and against, depending on how they are used. It is therefore critical that science is guided by ethical and spiritual principles, and that we all take responsibility for ensuring that science is used for the common good.

If you care about the future of humanity and are interested in exploring these deep and complex questions, don’t miss the opportunity to attend World Summit 2023. Apply now and be part of this exciting and meaningful journey!


“The World Meeting is for the spiritualist movement what the week of modern art was for Brazilian culture. There is a before and an after.” — Jether Jacomini

The World Meeting is an annual event promoted by the Collegiate of Guardians of Humanity, which stands out for offering cutting-edge spiritualist knowledge in an innovative and immersive format. Since its first edition, in 2017, the event unites lectures, art, and experiences to provide participants with a unique and transformative experience, aimed at awakening a new human conscience.

In its next edition, the World Meeting will bring together great thinkers, scientists, and specialists from different areas to discuss current scientific and spiritual paradigms. The event will take place from November 3 to 5, 2023, at the Dayrell Hotel & Convention Center, in Belo Horizonte, MG. Registration is now open on the website https://encontromundial.com.

With the theme “The scientific revolution and human evolution: exploring new dimensions of science”, the meeting proposes profound and innovative reflections on the transformations that science in revolution will bring about on planet Earth. In addition to receiving first-hand guidance from the immortals, participants will be invited to be explorers of new ideas and possibilities so that together we can seek solutions to the challenges we will face as humanity in the near future.

Artificial intelligence, medicine, engineering, communication, and other sciences will be central themes for debates and experiments, showing the impact of their discoveries and their implications, both positive and negative. The event will also bring reflections on how to balance material evolution with spiritual evolution, and if humanity is moving further and further away from spirituality.

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