There are many ways to be useful in the process of helping the spirits that lead the evolution of humanity, and donating energy is one of the most significant practices in this context. This spiritual practice not only strengthens our connection with the universe but also allows us to actively contribute to the balance and harmony of the spiritual plane, with immediate reverberations on the physical plane. In this article, we will explore what energy donation is, how it can be done effectively, and how you can join a global community of energy donors through the Collegiate Guardians of Humanity.


Energy donation is an act of consciously sending energy to assist spiritual and energetic forces on the astral plane of our planet. Unlike prayers or religious rituals, this practice focuses on the emission of energy with the intention of assisting spiritual guardians in their tasks of maintaining the balance and evolution of the Earth and the universe.



Mental Focus and Pure Intention

It all starts with intention. Before beginning to donate energy, it is crucial to establish a clear and pure intention. This means directing your thoughts towards help and balance, both on the physical and spiritual planes. Define a clear and pure purpose for your donation, such as promoting peace or healing the planet. You can also follow the guided energy donation that we promote every Thursday. We will provide more information throughout this article.

Visualization Techniques

Visualization is a powerful tool in donating energy. Visualize an energy coming out of the center of your chest – a spiritual center, not necessarily the physical heart – and radiating out into the universe. Imagine this energy as a light or fluid that extends beyond your physical body.

Concentration and Meditation

Meditation can help focus your mind and energy. Find a quiet place where you can sit or lie down comfortably. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing, allowing your mind to calm and your focus to sharpen. Visualize your energy connecting with the universe. When donating guided energy, visualize it being delivered into the hands of the spiritual emissary responsible for its manipulation and direction.

Emanation of Energy without Physical Objects

Unlike some spiritual practices that use objects as a focus, donating energy has better results without the intermediation of physical objects. The energy should flow directly from you, without the need for amulets or material symbols. Focus on direct emission of energy, without depending on material objects such as amulets or symbols.

Group and Individual Practices

Energy donation can be carried out individually or in a group. When done in a group, the combined energy of the participants can amplify the effect of the donation. Try giving energy both alone and in groups to feel the difference in the intensity and impact of the energy.

Energy Donation


The Collegiate Guardians of Humanity invites you to energy donation sessions every Thursday from 11pm to 3am (local time). At any time within this period, take a few minutes to donate. You are the one who sets the time.

These sessions are guided by the spirits and have a specific focus each week. To participate, join our WhatsApp Channel where guidance is provided. Your privacy is guaranteed in this secure environment. It is not necessary to be a medium or have special skills, just the desire to contribute your energy for the greater good.

How to participate?

To participate, follow our WhatsApp Channel, where you will receive specific guidance on how to proceed in each session. The Channel feature is secure and protects your privacy by ensuring your phone number is not shared with other participants.

Click here and follow the “GH | Energy Donation” channel on WhatsApp


Spiritual growth

Regularly practicing energy donation can lead to significant spiritual growth. By focusing on emitting positive, healing energy, you also benefit by raising your own vibration and consciousness.

Aid in Universal Balance

By donating energy, you contribute to the balance and harmony of the universe. This practice helps maintain a flow of positive energy, which can assist in healing and balancing energies on the spiritual plane.

Connecting to a Community of Positive Intent

Participating in energy donation sessions with others creates a sense of community and unity around a common goal. This reinforces the feeling of belonging and purpose.

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Donating energy is a powerful and enriching practice, both for the donor and for the universe. By participating in these energy donation sessions, you join a global community of individuals dedicated to making a difference on a spiritual level. We invite you to join us in the Collegiate Guardians of Humanity and share your energy for the greater good.

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