What is mediumship?

Mediumship is the ability to perceive and communicate with extraphysical consciousnesses, that is, to communicate with people who have already died. Perhaps that is why this topic arouses so much curiosity.

How is this possible? How to find out if you are a medium?

Check out some basic concepts.

It is important to understand that mediumship is not a gift exclusive to some people. In fact, every individual is a potential medium. This is because we have an extra-physical body, popularly called spirit, which is immortal and which manifests itself through our physical body – this is a complex and varied subject, which involves different beliefs and approaches.

What happens is that some are more sensitive than others to capturing these vibrations, whether for reasons of affinity, mission or spiritual evolution. Finding out if you are a medium can be a personal and individual process. Some people have spontaneous experiences of communicating with other planes from an early age, while others may develop these skills over time.

What are the types of mediumship?

There are different types of mediumship, which vary according to the way in which the medium relates to the spirits. 

Clairvoyance mediumship, for example, is the ability to see other presences; hearing mediumship refers to the ability to hear them; psychography mediumship is the ability to write under the influence of extraphysical consciousnesses; and so on. 

Each medium can present one or more types of abilities, and it is possible to develop them with time and study. Therefore, it is essential to understand that mediumship is not an end in itself, but a means to spiritual growth. 

Purposes and responsibilities

Getting in touch with other planes, inhabited by entities that are our sisters in essence, makes it possible to learn lessons of love, wisdom, and charity. Mediumship also promotes a better understanding of our own spiritual nature and our purpose in life. 

This is why mediumship must be exercised with responsibility, respect, and humility, always seeking the good and the truth. This is an experience that can be experienced in countless ways by different individuals. Each person is unique in their spiritual journey, and finding the path that makes the most sense for you is essential.

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To learn more about this fascinating topic, we recommend books on spiritism, especially The Book of Mediums, by Allan Kardec. If you want to develop your mediumship, look for a serious and reliable spiritist center to guide and support you on this journey. 

Remember: mediumship is a divine blessing that must be used for the good of all. 

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