The door of redemption for those who face mediumship with respect and gratitude

A natural gift to every human being: this is the simple definition of mediumship. We are spiritual beings in learning activities on the planes of matter. Because we are spirits, the possibility of maintaining a direct connection with our true homeland is a reality. From the moment we become aware of and manage our destinies, the conduct and guidance of the idealizers of life almost cease, they diminish considerably, and we, due to the autonomy gained, begin to conduct ourselves with more freedom and, consequently, more responsibility for our own choices. Certainly, the influence of the spirits responsible for each one of us always permeates our psychic reality, however, we have, as I said, a greater capacity to act.

Feeling, perceiving the extraphysical world, therefore, is an intrinsic characteristic of the living being on planet Earth. In varying degrees and with its particularities, mediumship has accompanied human beings for millennia, from prehistoric civilizations, through ancient peoples, from the Middle Ages to contemporary peoples. It would be very difficult – even impossible – to find a moment in our history when mediumship was not present in events of great or minor importance. In a few moments, there it is mediumship, in a light and imperceptible way.

Because it is a faculty of the spirit, its presence, in all matters of life, is real. This divine faculty is neutral in its origin, but, once well-directed, it operates wonders, to promote consolation, enlightenment, and progress. For many who live obscured by the narrowing of knowledge, mediumship would have connections with the occult, witchcraft, and some even more heated establish that this natural faculty comes from the devil. However, all of this is an attempt to circumvent and try to extend the veil of ignorance and fear over people. Fortunately, times have changed, and every day we are faced with more than undeniable phenomena of mediumship. It has even been diversifying, to the point where we have variations that demonstrate that the faculty itself has been refined and adapted to new needs.

This is certainly due to the characteristics of the spirits that have arrived on Earth in these transitional times. Every day, we receive among us creatures with different physical formatting, including brains and nervous systems that are a little more refined, due to the urgency of the moment for the vast majority of those who return to Earth. It can be added, then, that his mental dexterity is more suited to the new times, and, as the faculty itself has its phenomenal expression based also on physical organs, it is easy to perceive and understand such changes and adaptations.

We are therefore mediums. What a good thing! And what to do with that information? Open a spiritist center and start helping people. Looking for more information on a house that works in partnership with the spirits? There are so many possibilities that there is no reason to list them here. One is certainly the simplest possible: try to understand this faculty, this divine gift in its most genuine expression. And this is essential. Each medium must try to stick to a kind of incursion into his mediumistic gift, treating it almost like a living entity. This is because it is necessary to have an intimate coexistence with him so that this faculty is presented with clarity and truth. By acting in this way, medium and mediumship will create bonds that will allow a work of great scope and satisfaction.

Because it is a holy gift, it is understood that mediumship blossoms as it is exercised diligently and consistently. Thus, there is no other way of bringing light to the world through the path of mediumship if the one who is its temporary administrator does not dedicate himself with dedication, joy, responsibility, and love. Yes, mediumship grows and refines itself on the baton of good work.

Those spirits who use it as a bridge between dimensions will have all the facilities and will to do the work increased in proportion as they feel more and more dedicated mediums and satisfied with being an instrument of light. Therefore, no letting yourself down or ignoring the call from on high! We are all here, on Earth, tied to our commitments to cooperate with agents of light in the service of recovering lost souls along the paths of life. So, get to work! 

Calunga by the psychography of Marcos Leão, on September 4, 2019.

Calunga, with peculiar characteristics and its irreverent way of being, proposes simple life wisdom to face and solve everyday problems. Always aiming at peace, tranquility, harmony, and spiritual growth, within spiritist centers he is recognized for his ability to bring joy and hope to people who are going through moments of great suffering or bitterness. Through his comforting texts, he can radiate feelings that are true balms for people who are depressed or trapped in situations of great sadness. This is Calunga! 

Marcos Leão is vice president of the Order of Guardians of Humanity, where he is one of the instructors. Psychic, author of the book  Você com você, profound connoisseur of spiritual works, and co-founder of UniSpiritus alongside Robson Pinheiro, where he has carried out mediumistic and social activities since 1992.

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