Initially, we have to understand a little about our brain and organic functioning. Our brain is the receiver of all our sensations – both internal, from the physical body, and external, from the environment where we live. All these stimuli we receive are transformed by the nervous system into electrical impulses, which trigger chemical stimuli, which are stored in specific areas of the brain, such as memory, for later assimilation, comparison, and response to other stimuli.

The brain can be compared to a huge computer whose main conductors are of chemical and electrical origin, remembering that all electricity generates magnetism around it. In this way, when we receive a stimulus, either consciously or unconsciously, we formulate a response through thought.

This thought then generates an electrochemical response force, enabling our body to respond to the stimulus received with internal physiological changes (change in heart and respiratory rate, muscle tone, hormone release, or other alterations). Consequently, in the externalization of this response, we present a certain behavior in the environment where we are at that moment (anger, aggression, flight, joy, laughter, crying, and others).


Our mind, through these mechanisms of stimuli and responses, generates the energy of electrical, magnetic, and chemical characteristics. In this way, we conclude that thought is energy, which can propagate both inside and outside the physical body.

In the book Evolution in Two Worlds, André Luiz named this energy “mental fluid”. In turn, the Áureo spirit, in the book Universo e vida, named it “mentomagnetic fluid” and explained that its exteriorization occurs by electromagnetic waves.

Every wave has a frequency and amplitude, which allow it to be in tune – remembering that similar tunes tend to unite. Thus, affinity occurs between two bands of the same frequency and amplitude. Therefore, we unite with other thoughts similar to ours through this energy, that is, we receive what we emit.


By the guidance of the spirits who participated in the codification of spiritism, we know that God created the cosmic fluid, which permeates everything, so that the primordial substance or ether is moldable or plastic, and can be transformed into countless other structures, some known to us by the periodic table. This plastic characteristic causes the ether to change according to the acting energies. And, from what we saw earlier, thought is an energy.

Thought, then, can make an impression upon the cosmic ether. As for its energy, according to its vibratory intensity, it may form more or less dense thought particles, depending on the good or bad intentions of our way of acting and thinking.

The grouping of these particles by vibrational affinity will form in the extraphysical plane what we call thought-forms or egregores. These can gain more strength and dimension the more they are fed by similar thoughts, being able to cover an entire region or even an entire planet, forming the so-called psychosphere or mental currents of thought.

This process also creates a psychosphere around us, which some call an aura. This is considered the true impression of our moral identity and can be visualized by the spiritual plane.


According to our searches, actions, and thoughts, we will unite with similar circulating psychospheres, attracting their energies to us, which may be beneficial or harmful to our physical or spiritual structure. It is fundamental to remember, in this sense, that the spirits that surround us also visualize these energies with which we tune in. In the Gospel according to Spiritism, item 20, in chapter XXVIII, provides good guidance on this: “The spirit would not have dragged him to evil if it had not judged him accessible to seduction”.

Maybe that’s why Jesus left us these two important guidelines:

Go and sin no more, lest any greater evil befall you;

Orai e vigiai.

 Happiness or unhappiness is in our hands, or rather, in our thoughts!

Dr. Alexandre Serafim, president of the Medical-Spiritist Association of Vale do Paraíba, is a partner of the Collegiate and teaches the  Medicine of the Soul course for members of the Guardians of Humanity Program.

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