You probably know someone who conveys something positive with a few words and gestures. Whoever is around likes to be close to her for all the charisma she goes through. She is a person whose energetic signature fascinates others.

We are not talking about a pretty face, designer clothes, and imported perfume, but something that starts from the way a person deals with emotions and decides to transmit them to the world. It is a different and unique way of passing your identity on to the world.

Understand more about what energy signature is and how to discover yours.

After all, what is an energy signature?

To understand what energy signature means, it is necessary to understand how the energy we emit works and affects other people.

From birth, each of us has an energy frequency, called a wave frequency. There’s no escape: you have yours and you’re broadcasting it to the universe all the time. However, you can choose to exhale this frequency in a positive, negative, or neutral way, which imprints your energy signature on those around you.

Energy signature, therefore, is the production of energy that we emit in the energy field from everyday situations. 

When you think, speak, feel, act, or fail to act, you are transmitting energy. All this creates a unique signature, which is imprinted in your energy field and can be changed according to how you deal with your emotions.

We are responsible for our energy signature

A fundamental factor for our change of attitude is to assume our responsibilities. As much as life brings adversity, we are the authors of our energy signature. After all, only we can control how we deal with emotions. 

With every thought or change of mind, we are committing to our energetic signature, to the imprint we leave on the universe—even if we are not aware of it. Therefore, we need to worry about creating it with balance and harmony with the signature that the universe prints back to us. 

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The subscription is constantly fed

Your energy signature is formed by what you feed your body, mind, and spirit. Therefore, we are so responsible for the energy we emanate to the world. 

Our learning (conscious and unconscious), behaviors, and perception of what we think and feel are responses to what we put into our being. 

Signature changes all the time

An individual is defined by his actions, which are nothing more than a consequence of his choices. Each step taken is a choice and, at the same time, a consequence of one of them. The process, however, is changeable: human beings are flexible, as this maintains their ability to constantly develop. 

Neuroplasticity and science

Our ability to constantly change our energy signature can be seen in our bodies. The brain has a characteristic called neuroplasticity, which is the ability to create neural connections when it receives a new stimulus. Our energy is intrinsically linked to this brain’s possibility of constantly changing. For this, of course, you need to be open to changes and new opportunities.

improve your relations

There are two types of relationships that need to be improved: with people who do us good, but with whom we tend to have friction, and with those who only bring negativity — not because they criticize our growth, but because all their actions seem indirect, disguised offenses.

The first relationship, with people who do us good, is a way of changing our energy signature. Why does a person who is so good for our lives awaken so many bad energies? Are we not too defensive? Do we really stop to listen and reflect on what the other has to say?

If even then the relationship remains bad or if you don’t notice that same availability from the other, maybe that person fits into the second category: that of people who only bring negativity. The relationship, then, only produces bad emotions. But if it’s our responsibility to bring a balanced energy signature and we’ve already tried to improve this relationship in every way, let’s stop and think: does this person really make our lives good? Do comments and attitudes help our development? Can I count on that person when I need it?

Reflect on your relationships. If the answers are not positive, maybe it’s time to end them.

Our energetic signature is our identity to the universe. So let’s send him our best version. 

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