Given the reality that surrounds us in times of pandemic, in the midst of the ongoing spiritual war and considering the countless struggles faced in the dimensions adjacent to the physical sphere, let us not forget the vibratory repercussions that arise in activities, tasks and in the vanguard positions. We must be alert to the attacks of forces opposed to progress, whether we are agents or institutions and groups that represent noble values ​​and, for this very reason, constitute the standards of a new era. Especially in the midst of the apparent chaos, which is intrinsic to a period of transition, let us remain vigilant. Such attacks, often engineered by expert strategists – competent delegates of the powers that oppose the development and evolution of human beings – are perpetrated on all possible fronts. Let us not be careless!

In all spheres of the human sphere, it is worth remembering, it is usually the spirits who lead them.(1) In this way, it is urgent that our representatives in the world redouble their attention.

Families, institutions and people will hardly pass through battle or war unscathed. All are or will be affected to some extent; all will suffer the impacts of this moment of great energy movements. The situation could be even more challenging before it gets better.

The psychic atmosphere of the world is in full revolution, as are currents of thought. Inhabitants of the other dimensions of life have been on high alert.

So let’s be on the lookout for distractions during the battle; let us not lose sight of the faith that sustains us and the certainty that we are supported. Storms of information and disinformation assail the world’s inhabitants; they can often stun the agents of justice and mercy. Let’s shake off the dust of discord, disillusionment, and hopelessness and focus on the message and call that united us and kept us from spiritual shipwreck thus far.

We are soldiers of Christ called to face the powers of the world and the forces of darkness. The planet has turned into a battleground. Gog and Magog(2) come together for the big day conflict.(3)

Therefore, it is necessary to be very careful, because today the weapons they use to fight combat, the spiritual war, are inside almost every home on the planet. I am referring to the internet and the mass media, elements used to the full in this twenty-first-century war, which is in full swing. This has already been said and reiterated in the books you were given.(4)

Never forget the fact that we are all human and, as such, everything we do bears the stamp of imperfection, from material to spiritual matters. Therefore, focus on achievements and transformations, much more than on mistakes and imperfections. It is advisable not to demand from yourself and from others those attributes that you do not yet have, nor the excellence in results, which, for the time being, you are not able to achieve. It must be clear that neither the work carried out by you nor the worker is free from errors. This will help them develop greater understanding and tolerance for each other.

Do not forget that you, those called to represent Christ, will be targets of these forces and energies that oppose progress and evolution. Watch out for attacks that can disrupt your faith, undermine your confidence, and sabotage your hard-won framework. Remember the warning given to you earlier: we, the guardians, would hold the winds of the planet for a brief period of a few years. Now is the time for which you were prepared and also called to prepare.

Since we are at war, let us not ignore the fact that whoever is at the front, exposing themselves – both people and institutions, whether in the political or social sphere, whether in the religious and spiritual sphere – all become targets of easy identification. Therefore, be very careful with the main trump card of this war, the weapon that can unleash the most damage: the internet and the media in general. Above all, the haste, the euphoria and the ignorance that it is capable of instilling.

Be careful, be very careful with questions that might lead you to doubt what has always been the basis of your faith. Be wary of losing focus on the objective in view and of conflicting targets. We all refer, with due urgency, to the need to pray more and to always watch.

Keep in mind that if you split or if you lose the league of faith, certainty, and courage that unite you, you will have already given the enemy victory. A divided kingdom will never prosper.(5)

Again I insist: concurrently with actions, adaptation needs or changes in strategy, remember to pray. Prayer will immensely strengthen those who lift up the standard of Christ and the sword of Michael.(6)

Know that we, the ones who inspire the work and each one of you, do not expect human perfection even in achievement. However, let us not settle for little. Let’s continue correcting, adapting, improving, and improving as much as possible, aware that our own words must be analyzed, as well as the methods, context, and results of the work.

In a war, even of a spiritual nature, being focused is fundamental. Furthermore, faith is indispensable and the courage to pursue one of the most cherished values. Be careful not to abandon their positions and, under the pretext of wanting to hit and demand hits from those who are as human as you, end up going to the enemy’s side. Caution, be very careful with judgments and charges. We don’t hold the whole truth.

Remain confident that we support you and remain together, confident that our General stands firm with us, ahead of battle and events. It will be up to you, to us, to remain with Him, wherever and whenever the fight takes place, using the spiritual weapons against the forces of evil that prowl the camp of men and the ranks of good. Rest assured that those you love are not alone.

Justice and peace!


by the hands of Robson Pinheiro

Belo Horizonte, April 28, 2020.

1 See KARDEC, Allan. The book of spirits. Brasília: FEB, 2013. E-book. Item 459.

2 See Ezek 38:18; Rev 20:8.

3 “For they are spirits of demons, working wonders; who meet the kings of the earth and all the world, to assemble them to battle in that great day of Almighty God” (Rev. 16:14).

4 The author refers to books by Robson Pinheiro by the spirit Angelo Inácio, notably Legião, Lords of Darkness, and The Mark of the Beast, which make up the O Reino das Sombras Trilogy. In addition to these, The End of Darkness, The Nephilim, The Guardians, The Immortals, The Party, and The Coup are some of the several titles in which the aforementioned theme is prominently present. All are edited by the House of Spirits.

5 See Luke 11:17.

6 See Dan 10:21; Rev 12:7.

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