Text transcribed (with adaptations) from “live 73”, broadcast on Robson Pinheiro’s YouTube channel, directly from Casa de Everilda Batista, on August 4, 2021, when the new proposal for the 2020 World Meeting was presented.

Clodovil, by the psychophony of Robson Pinheiro

In every time of crisis, people complain… people kick, they talk. Generally, human beings, whether on one side of life or the other, on this side, decide to pretend that they are the great ones competing with complaints about problems. But there are other types of people.

There are those who, instead of complaining, decide to work, decide to innovate, and, above all, manage to extract light from darkness, extract elegance from ugliness and continue towards new challenges, opening the curtain of time and recreating with more quality. This is what we do on both sides of life with the World Meeting and with many other things.

So, with you, Clô, for the intimate.

Mauá, by the psychophony of Robson Pinheiro

And there is a factor that the student of spirit science or science of the spirit can perceive.

When we look at the evolution of the spirituality movement on planet Earth – specifically on planet Earth – we notice that the first moments when there is a planned invasion on planet Earth, through the representatives of the spirit of Truth… What comes first? Movements in the physical area, the turning tables, and, all over Europe, purely physical manifestations are taking place so that, after them, the process evolves into intellectual manifestations, in which the intellect, reason, and common sense are spoken more; more to emotion, more than materiality itself. So there is an evolution.

If you go back even further into the past, we will notice that, at the time of nascent Christianity, what happened? Physical manifestations too, with the manifestation of Pentecost, which takes place there in the upper room in Jerusalem, when the tongues of fire, with the visual manifestations, occur amid the apostles. And then, from there onwards — just like later, eighteen hundred years later, in spiritism —, the physical phenomena of healing people, manifestations of curing physical illnesses, for later Christianity to evolve into more spiritual matters. wide.

Paulo de Tarso appears, from there, to speak more to the intellect, to speak more to reason, to speak to the soul, to the human spirit. So, all of this happens so that you can also think about something that hasn’t been said openly, that, in this time when we live on both sides of life, the same thing happens with the World Meeting. Everything starts with physical encounters, with sensory experiences, seeing each other, touching each other, and seeing things happen in the physical realm through art, poetry, lights, and sounds that impress the physical area, impress the retina, and reach to the soul, but through physical elements.

And now it evolves into an encounter that takes place not physically, but in the virtual world, within another dimension. So, if you notice, it’s the same pattern that occurred. What takes place in the universe, what takes place in the smaller world takes place in the larger world. The pattern is the same, except that this has not been said to you, and perhaps you have not realized that this realization of a meeting via the Internet, in the virtual world, reaching the intellectual world, the extraphysical world, the world of the soul, this obeys to an evolutionary pattern planned earlier. Only people hardly notice the development of this pattern. And, from now on, the trend is that all the people who come together through thought, each in their home, radiate thought and also unite in a larger dimension.

So, just as spiritism overcame the purely physical manifestations that impressed the eyes, and the physical senses, and moved on to intellectual production with psychographics, psychophonies, messages that come from the other side, and even messages that are, in a way, materialized on radio and television waves – I am speaking exclusively about instrumental transcommunication –, the World Meeting, the Collegiate of Guardians of Humanity departed from the same principle.

So, if you persevere in this trend towards the extraphysical world, through the internet waves, you will see that, soon, different phenomena will start to occur in people’s homes. Phenomena that are foreseen in the unfolding of events, perhaps not now in the first one, but also, many will see this occur, phenomena of voices that will be transmitted by the computer, messages that will come by the computers. This is planned within the unfolding from now, for years to come.

All of this conforms to this pattern, as the universe conforms to a pattern. We have the atoms; we have solar systems, in which the planets revolve around a central sun; we have the system of galaxies, which revolve around their nuclei. That is, the universe has a pattern. The development of all spiritualities encounters tends to follow this pattern.

So it would be good for you to start thinking because it wasn’t something that came by chance, it wasn’t an incident or an accident. Because what our friends don’t realize is that the pandemic wasn’t something that took God or the Guardians by surprise. So much so that this had already been predicted in the pages of the book 2080. It was predicted earlier by Edgar Cayce, it was predicted earlier by John the Evangelist in the pages of the Apocalypse (Bible), or the Book of Revelation. None of this took the spirit world by surprise. Those who were surprised were those who did not study and did not pay attention to the fact that Christ, that cosmic consciousness that coordinates the destinies of the planet, had already left the script of what would happen in the future centuries of humanity.

We weren’t taken by surprise. So the World Meeting itself was not something that came as a surprise and was thought to save a situation. No! For us, this was already foreseen. I would advise you to go back to the recorded videos of Anton, Joseph Gleber, and, who knows, Watab. Transcribe these videos and you will see that a new wave of events and a new stage for the World Meeting were already foreseen there. Only you and the public did not pay attention.

A lot of people seem surprised that it’s going to be like this, but for us, it was detailed planning. What happened was that humanity advanced the events that were already predicted in the timeline. Only that! It took a few years, but we were aware of everything.

Forgive me for interfering in this way in your work and receive a loving hug from Mauá.

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