“I’m a medium from birth. I’m here because I went to a saint’s mother and she told me, among other things, that I need to develop my mediumship. In fact, according to what she said, much of my suffering stems from my refusal to work with my guides. that’s what I’m ‘beating’ from the spirits.”

This is how most people arrive at the spiritist center, believing that they are subjected to a thousand sufferings because of the delay in developing or educating mediumship. He is usually in a great hurry to act as a medium, as if such a faculty could be trained overnight, after half a dozen classes, and exercised responsibly without due care and precautions.

Of course, in a large number of places, this anxiety is considered normal, and productive, and some even say it works. Thus, as soon as he becomes aware of the supposed faculties of the medium, who usually arrives full of complaints and demands, the director places him to “receive spirit at the mediumistic table”.

If your house doesn’t have a mediumistic table, don’t worry: one day it will. Almost every self-respecting spiritist center has one, which is inside the room where you talk to the spirits. It must be a table endowed with supernatural powers…

Faced with the emergence of the medium in an uproar and the leader unprepared, confusion is created. But, contrary to what someone might imagine, I can say, without much chance of error, that many meetings of this type are intended to have a serious character. Even if you don’t even know who your spiritual leaders are…

I have already seen, in some places, a dispute being promoted between some of these names of mentors that are on the rise, at the top of the list of the highest in the spiritual world. Then, the incarnated workers carry out an election, and, once the spiritual leader has been chosen, they put an I-know-what-what in front of his name, and that’s it! Look at the chosen mentor giving communication and outlining the work methodology…

It sounds like a joke or anecdote, but this is how a considerable number of groups treat the relationship between people on both sides of life. A festival of picturesque situations can be observed, which include the characterization of one of the children of the incarnated leader as a “cradle medium” since he has “great doctrinal knowledge” – after all, he has read half a dozen spiritist novels.

And, to set the mood, the main medium enters the scene. Yes, it is that figure that the spirits on duty – or spiritists? – elected to transmit always accurate instructions, which should preferably be followed by all. By the way, such mentors only manifest themselves through this medium; since he is the chosen one, the guides can’t vulgarize his presence, presenting themselves through any other. He is considered an exclusive spokesman for the good spirits. The medium dies, the mentor’s communications die, and the center, not infrequently, closes its doors.

We also have to remember the preparation rites that precede the meetings, which are usually complex, empty, or fanciful: not eating meat, not having sex, and spending the day calmly and away from any situation that could make you mad, among other things. That is, in the face of so many demands, it is better not to leave the room, to remain locked up, exiled, without contact with anyone else. But even so, it is possible that you will not be able to comply with some of the prohibitions… I already know: it is better not to wake up. That! Sleeping all day, until it’s time to shower and leave for the meeting.

It’s amazing how certain recommendations or suggestions that could even help, depending on the circumstances, are sometimes transformed into inflexible and absurd rules, impossible to be executed. Even so, they are considered important by a good number of people, who are interested in strengthening the myth that being a medium means embracing something beyond the human; to be, perhaps, superhuman. Stop and answer, in case you think about defending the adoption of procedures like the ones I listed a moment ago: what should those who participate in mediumistic meetings do three or four times a week? Is the solution to obey all this fasting on a semi-permanent basis?

You can say:

– Calunga, but you’re going heavy on it!

And I answer you:

– I am yes!

We, the disembodied spirits, face every situation when we need the partnership of the so-called mediums, due to these “doctrinaire” absurdities… And when I say “we, the spirits”, don’t think that there are few who live these challenges, no! Many find themselves in this embarrassing situation, even those called mentors, generally treated as if they were canonized saints, or more: angelic souls.

Oh! If you saw how satisfied certain spirits, typically classified as inferior, laugh… And more: how they use the effects of certain behaviors and ideas cultivated or disseminated by incarnates. That’s right. They use the vibrations radiated both by beliefs and by the way many people express their thoughts, their quirks, and their prejudice.

The idea of ​​not tainting the supposed original purity of the spiritist doctrine is so overwhelming and castrating that it creates a certain energetic irritation around those who adopt this posture. This energetic peculiarity or irritability of fluids that come from the stir that is produced is fully used and dynamized by those who want the decline of enlightening ideas of spiritism.

Therefore, they would say: “Save the doctrinal patrol! Long live rigidity, the attitude of overseeing Spiritist practices and traditions!” And I say: God forbid! Let’s each do the best we can, as we know, loving more and instructing each other along the way.

Mediums who denote a lack of maturity, structure, and knowledge are led to embrace projects of salvation dictated and maintained by incarnated or disembodied leaders, or even by their personal ideas. As they fail to reach the unrealistic and even absurd goals they set themselves, they see the ghost of a sense of guilt rise in themselves. “I have sinned! My fault, my utmost fault!” Gradually, from recrimination to recrimination, religious guilt takes the place of the pleasure of living. Much that should be experienced or motivated by the pleasure of exercising something that brings constant learning becomes a heavy burden to bear.

There are those who continue indefinitely the “hard work of saving little brothers from darkness,” looking at the work in the same way, year after year, decade after decade. They are insensitive to any broader or renewed vision of spiritual life, avoiding the dynamism inherent in everything, especially today, when changes occur at an accelerated pace in every area of ​​human activity.

Others become tourism mediums – those who go from house to house in search of the ideal center. They are looking for things that do not exist, such as perfection, the most spiritual center, the most reliable medium, and the highest mentor. They demand an uncompromising understanding of their faults but are unwilling to understand the limitations of peers and management.

A large number of mediums and spiritual workers will certainly arrive in the world of spirits with a feeling of unfulfilled duty. There are so many blames and excuses, so many defects found in everyone and everywhere, that they don’t find time to build something real and genuine in their lives.

For my part, I may be black, a former slave, considered a spirit of low lineage by some, but I have learned the value of a work team in which everyone, without exception, places himself in the position of scholar and apprentice. Finally, we are all experimenters of the science of the spirit, and each day or night spent together becomes an opportunity to do better, without demanding from the other what none of us can offer.

Text extracted from the book Você com você, dictated by the spirit Calunga and psychographed by Marcos Leão

Calunga, with a peculiar characteristic and his irreverent way of being, proposes simple life wisdom to face and solve everyday problems. Always aiming for peace, tranquility, harmony, and spiritual growth, within spiritist centers he is recognized for his ability to bring joy and hope to people who are going through moments of great suffering or bitterness. Through his comforting texts, he is able to radiate feelings that are true balms for people who are depressed or trapped in situations of great sadness. This is Calunga!

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