“It is urgent to become an agent of superior forces, adopting a paradigm that satisfies the desires of a new man, who is being forged in the ashes of an outdated culture.” (Excerpt from the book Energy: new dimensions of human bioenergetics – by author Robson Pinheiro in partnership with Joseph Gleber, André Luiz, and José Grosso.)

When recommending a bibliography for people interested in studying magnetism, it is essential to first mention the precursor of modern studies of this science.

We find in the eighteenth century, in the German physician Franz Mesmer, a student and experimenter of an invisible natural force inherent in all living beings — human, animal, and vegetable —, which he initially called magnetism. Mesmer argued that such a force could have physical, therapeutic effects, including healing properties.

For some years, he tried, with persistent experiments, to achieve scientific recognition of his ideas and his experiences, without, however, succeeding. He suffered numerous persecutions by the medical academy of the time and, on numerous occasions, he was accused of quackery.

Mesmerism, or magnetism, was also known as the energetic and fluidic universe. Unlike what happened in Europe, where his studies were not well-accepted, on the contrary, he gained several followers in the United States, becoming popular from the 19th century onwards. Since then, it has won the world, so to speak.

Thus, magnetism, already widely known nowadays, started to be used in several integrative therapeutic modalities. All of them, aim to promote a better quality of life in several areas.

In this sense, it is important to point out that there is a difference between the magnetizer itself and the healing medium: the first, the magnetizer, magnetizes with his personal fluid; the healing medium, on the other hand, performs the technique with the fluid of the Spirits, being, then, merely a conductor. In other words, the magnetism produced by the fluid of the incarnated human being is called human magnetism; what comes from the fluid of the Spirits is spiritual magnetism.

In human magnetic action, it is the personal fluid of the magnetizer that is transmitted. It is known that this fluid always participates, to a greater or lesser extent, in the material qualities of the body, at the same time that it suffers the moral influence of the magnetizer.

As this energy is inherent to human beings, anyone can receive or offer magnetism as a therapeutic resource. To receive it, it is enough for the individual to place himself prone to the healing inductions of the magnetizer. However, to apply it and obtain good results, the study and targeted exercise of this force are essential.

Therefore, all of us can know and explore the laws of energy compensation in favor of ourselves or others, learning to distribute and dose resources according to need. We can then employ vital or magnetic energies and their variants to organize our energetic exchanges, for the benefit of whoever it may be.

Together with you, we are going to examine this subject with depth and lightness, so that you know how magnetism works and how to establish a superior energetic state in your intimate panorama. With this, you will become aware of your relationship with self-satisfaction, not only in your professional life but also in the spiritual and energetic fields.

Our proposal for you is that, in the face of the post-pandemic scenario and other global and national commotions, you can equip yourself with efficient resources to become a competent agent in promoting a better quality of life. The world has never needed energy healers more than it does now and will for a long time to come.

Currently, many of us feel extremely restless and anxious about the future, and this emotional and psychic disorder affects our lives, our body, and our soul. However, this is not an obstacle for us to learn to use the resources of healing magnetism and make it available to people who need it, as well as ourselves, to reestablish a connection with the healthiest energies of existence.

This resource, when well understood, becomes a fantastic tool, raising us to the level of energy therapists. Can you see yourself making this healing resource available to anyone who needs it? Have you ever imagined promoting, through your own hands, magnetic, bioenergetic elements that establish a chain of healthy energies for people affected by pain, depression, and low self-esteem? And, with the strength of your will, have you ever thought about acting on the fluids, reorganizing the tenuous and powerful structures of the chakras, or power centers, of those who are devitalized?

This is our invitation, this is our summons addressed to you who know this fluidic universe and want to make your contribution to humanity. However, the invitation also extends to you who know little or nothing about this source of life and health.

Accept our invitation and discover why we were once challenged to make our light shine so that, with it, we become capable of promoting the transformations we dream of in the world, simply making ourselves different, and better than we are today. And believe: this is possible!

In addition to inviting you to enroll in our courses, I will indicate a robust bibliography, in case you want to deepen your studies even further.


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Magnetism, bioenergetics, hypnotherapy and neurolinguistic programming are examples of integrative therapeutic practices. 

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