It is common for human beings to blame others, fate, or even God for their misfortunes. We hardly recognize ourselves as responsible for our sufferings. Others faithfully believe that they are victims of an obsessing spirit.

With advances in science, it becomes increasingly difficult to place blame on others. Let’s get to the facts!

In physics, the study of electrons revealed that the observer of the experiment can interfere with the result, causing electrons, when fired, to sometimes behave like waves and, at other times, like a particle, that is, the simple act of looking can change the final product. When two electrons are energetically entwined and fired at opposite poles, the moment one is stimulated, the other responds instantly; we thus have a non-local interference. Likewise, meditators, when placed in joint meditation and monitored by electroencephalography, demonstrated changes in brain waves at the same instant that only one of them was stimulated by a strobe light, indicating that this non-local interference may be present between people entwined to one end. Then,

These facts, along with several other scientific experiments, have brought to light a new concept: that of non-locality, or non-local consciousness, an attempt by science towards the confirmation of the existence of the spirit. Science still does not have concrete explanations for these events, but it is speculated that thought may be an active energy in the environment.

Apometry is a technique or a set of techniques whose application allows, above all and in general lines, to streamline mediumistic meetings with varied objectives. 

The most interesting thing is that, in 1958, in the first publication of the book Evolution in two worlds, André Luiz already gave us explanations about these phenomena currently studied. By describing the energy of thought, which he called “mentomagnetic”, he was already opening up an enormous field of study. Combining the guidelines in this book with those in the books Liberation and Mechanisms of Mediumship, both by the same spiritual author, we begin to observe that we do not need “help” to harm ourselves. We forget the words of Jesus recorded in Matthew 6:34 – “Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will take care of itself. Sufficient for each day is its evil. ”

Uniting the spiritual aspect to the scientific one, we have thought as an energy that can act on matter, whether mental or ethereal. Due to the plasticity of both, they can be molded according to the pattern or characteristic of the acting energy. In this way, according to the intensity and density of our thoughts, we will be able to shape these matters to the point of becoming visible to spirits and seers, what André Luiz calls “thought-forms” in his works.

If our thoughts are of a much lower quality – such as anger, resentment, hatred, avarice, vanity, pride, sexuality, excessive attachments, irascible desires, and many others – we will shape our mental matter and the ethereal that surrounds us with low vibration energies and high density. With the continuation of this process, we crystallize these thoughts around us, which, by force of habit, gradually become a reality for us. Thus, we fail to perceive the real truth to just see the truth we want. We come to believe that we are right and others are wrong. So we settle on a thought-form, which, by a feedback mechanism, further fuels the thoughts that put us in this position. We enter a cycle that is very difficult to get out of. That would be why Jesus said to his disciples: “Seeing, they don’t see; and listening, they do not hear, much less understand” (Matthew 13:13).

We become encapsulated in this self-created energy, crystallized into our own thought-form. As in nature, the Law of Affinity is a fact, we begin to connect with similar energies, similar to the one we emit. This is because we are immersed in a collective consciousness, in which each one of us emits his mental energies, projecting them into the ethereal matter that surrounds us. Thus, we attract what we emit, a true synergism.

As our physical matter is also plastic, that is, it adjusts itself according to the active energies, it will, over time, feel the influences of our egregore, as well as those we attract by affinity. As a final result, we will have bad, unpleasant sensations, malaise and, without finding a palpable cause, we will start blaming others, whether they are incarnated or disincarnated.

Let us remember that the physical body is nothing more than a collection of atoms, which form molecules, which, in turn, constitute tissues and organs.

Since electrons are structures that are part of atoms and that constantly change their vibratory pattern according to the active energies, when we unload our thoughts, we start to interfere with the vibratory pattern of our own atomic structure. As a result, anxieties, depression, and illnesses arise. We do, therefore, have a non-local self-interference.

That is, we don’t need an obsessor; we’ve had enough.

Dr. Alexandre Serafim, president of the Medical-Spiritist Association of Vale do Paraíba, is a partner of the Guardians of Humanity and teaches the Medicine of the Soul course for members Program.

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